A World Without God and The Favor of God – Bette Stevens

A World Without God and The Favor of God – Bette Stevens

May 24,th,2018

I fell into a heavy sleep,in which during that time ,the Lord came and in the SPirit ,we went upward.far ,far above the earth….. then back down I came……End of that!!!!!!!!!

Although at this time ,I had no further word,I received it later as you will see below.

May 25th,2018

A little background on the favor of God that happened to me on May 25th….I was in the Dollar Store and when I got ready to check out,I only had gotten a little bit of stuff and there was a gentleman in front of me who had purchased quite a bit,probably for the Memorial Day Weekend, and the cashier had rang me up,and I laid some money on the counter and I was looking in my purse for the exact change and I heard her say,put your money away,and I looked up and this gentleman was looking back at me,he had paid for my stuff and it happened so FAST<I can’t even explain it…..I thanked him and said “God bless you Sir,””and he nodded and I wanted to say more,but he was gone…….I told the cashier that was the favor of God….and she nodded and smiled and I said,” hope you have a relationship with Jesus Christ,I mean “ROCK SOLID” and she nodded again and said ,I sure do……End

You can see that God knows and remembers even the little things,yes this was just a little thing to me,because I didn’t buy up much,but yet ,it is big in God’s eye……and an encouragement to everyone……..

May 26,27th,2018

Quiet….However I felt changes going on in the Spirit realm and fierce battles being led and victory being acheived,but very long and drawn out.A New Arena,again,number eight being the beginings of NEW things,etc……..

May 28th,2018

I was driving by myself in the car,I can’t remember exactly where I was going,but John had taken me around another way or route to get home quicker but I wasn’t real familiar going that way yet ,so I avoided it because I didn’t want to get lost,,,,anyway,this is what happened….

I was driving back home the way I usually go and I was praying and thinking about things going on and I am telling you,the next instant I was in a vision ,out of my body,and I was fairly high off the ground and I saw the sk begin to darken such a darkness I had never seen,all became quiet,too quiet,everything started to go black and dark and a wind began to blow heavily and a sound or sounds like I had never heard,and I saw these beings fall from the sky.they had heads like a human,horns like a unicorn,some had stripped bodies,some had hair on their himan face,there handswere like hoofs,their tails shook and they were fierce,mighty and strong…..they came from every direction,from underneath the ground,from the sky,some could fly.some rode unicorns,some crawled at a very rapid pace ,I mean rapid pace on the ground……Some looked like large extremely large bugs of some kind,,the wind,the noise of some of these demonic beings was so loud that you either had to

be ignorant of what was going on or run for your life……there was no shelter,I cannot begin to describe the horror that I saw,,,I felt rise up in me of fear and NO LONGER WAS GOD’S PRESENCE THERE,,NOTHING.The world as we know it today was in chaos,the earth had went reeling completely off its axess,these beings devoured anyone and anything in there way….


i heard a roar and it was one of those despicable gross demonic beings come near to me,but I was too far to get close too,and I could see the emptiness,the darkeness and that same feeling I had when I was taken in to hell and was allowed to feel see and hear most verything that goes on and to know what it will be like for those who will fall into eternal damnation with out the presence of Almighty God…….

Folks these people called out but there was NO answer……No answer.time seemed to have stopped,,,,and then I was back in my car still driving…..

Understand that something,an angel had to be driving my car while this was all going on because it was just a matter of minutes and I was on that road where I had avoided because I was not real familiar with it…..

This all happened sooooo fast…..and I heard a voice say..In the blink of an eye…….and then it was all over..

Interpretation as the Lord has given it:

May 24th occurance is letting us know that God does as He wills and when we press in closer ,He will reveal things and we will hear and do things supernaturally and walk in great expectation because He can trust us…….Though that was a short time,God was showing His Sovereignty…We are to be obedient when He calls and we are to be pliable in His hands….

Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christwhich strengthened me.

May 25th occurance is reassuring to all believers as God does give favor,sometimes unexpectedly and does not favor one over another…..

Prov 8:35 For whoso findeth Me findth life,and shall obtain favor from the Lord.

May 26 th a d 27th ,although nothing happened in the physical realm,God is working behind the scenes.

Rom 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,to them that are called according to His purpose.

May 28th occurance A world Without God,when all things shall break apart,all control gone as devils are freed to wreck havoc upon the earth,as My presence will No longer be here and those crying out will be left to their own devices……….

Isa 24:20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard,and shall be removed like a cottage,and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it,and it shall fall,and not rise again…..

At the end of it all the Lord spoke this word…..Tell the people to take Me seriously and fear Me,for time has been very much accelerated ,”IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE” and many slumber,

these are examples of the seriousness of the hour,the day in which you live,the time of My return,and I will judge ALL….

Again remind the people I am DETERMINING ALL THINGS<personal,habits,quality of time spent with Me,as I also am DETERMINING the global spheres,the financial spheres,the economic spheres,global disturbances……

My hand of judgment will fall heavily and a Wave of judgment will soon arrive that will take all by surprise and it will roll across this land…..The door to judgment has been opened and what has been opened NO man can shut,,,and who can survive it??????????

I will be making a video as well……coming soon……


Bette Stevens


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