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A word to Christian parents regarding smartphones and their children

February 11, 2021 8:00 PM
Every Knee Shall Bow

God bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ. For almost a week now the Lord has directed me to put up a Bible Study addressing the doors we open as parents when we give our children a smartphone. After much prayer, research, and preparation in the Word in order to put up a video discussing this matter, my heart was heavy.

This would be the first video I was to upload on the channel, and I felt overwhelmed by the urgency and frankly somewhat hesitant as to how to configure it all. I really value my privacy and don’t use any social media. I only access a couple of sites that help strengthen my faith… and do so sparingly. Putting up a channel and receiving the topics I should cover in it felt like a bit much. So, I just stopped to pray. God knows I don’t want to do anything that is not directed by Him. I don’t want to fail in following His will either… so I prayed for a while.

After doing so I could not stop crying and hurting. I knew the Lord was sharing some of His feelings with me. My heart ached and I knew I was not feeling the full pain He was… just enough to know how important this is.

I sat on my bed and wrote the message the Holy Spirit put on my heart. It contains information I had already received conviction for, but it was so clearly spoken to me, I believe I must share it. Although this is an issue the Lord worked on me many years ago and I decided to follow His instructions, I felt this was spoken to me as a parent. As a representative of all parents. Please, if you feel this message is for you too, open your heart to obeying Him. I did years ago and now see the blessings for it on my older teen’s lives.

Here’s the link to the Bible Study:


Here’s the message the Holy Spirit laid on my heart:

Who told you, you could buy them a phone?

These are My children. You’re leading them astray.

They are not to walk in the ways of the world.

Where is My word?

Have you taught them My word?

One day you’ll give an account for this.

What will you say?

I’m coming soon and they don’t even know Me.

This is murder.

I’ve put them in your hands to care for them.

They are Mine, not yours.

You have but little time to make things amend.

Repent. Look in My word and follow My instructions.

They are right there. Don’t change them.

Don’t add, don’t take away. Please Me and not the world.

Because all in this world will perish. But My word endures forever.

As always take all you hear and receive in prayer to the Lord who deserves all the glory and who must be our exclusive and only source of guidance.



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