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A word of encouragement for the Remnant – Terri Hennessey

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A word of encouragement for the Remnant

September 8, 2022 8:26 PM
Terri Hennessey

I received a word today after time in worship and was asked by our Heavenly Father to share it on your site.

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. I wanted to share this personal thought with you all. My kindred. Those who have gone through fire after fire, year after year.

I know this journey has been like nothing else we could have ever experienced in our lifetimes. I have come to realize & accept over these past few months that everything that has changed in me was more to do with my flesh and the old man in me. It’s not necessarily been about what’s on the surface, but more about what’s been going on on the inside of me. Though Jesus has delivered me of flaws, sins, bad habits and not so graceful heart positions, more than I can count, I recognize that there is an entity of its own that longs to control me. I believe this is the old man that the bible tells us all about. I say it’s a separate entity because of those moments when I am in a place of despair, grief or sorrow, usually a training lesson of learning obedience, the old man tries and many times succeeds momentarily to dominate my spirit by not allowing me to run to Jesus. I withdraw and hide myself; rather, I’ve come to realize, it’s the old man in me trying to survive. Many times it has felt like he (the old man) is the prison and I (spirit) am the prisoner. I have seen (vision) myself inside of myself, pulling on the iron bars he manifests in those times, when I am trying wholeheartedly to submit to my King. He won’t allow me to speak, I cry and scream on the inside. It’s those times, when the grace of our great and loving God pours down over me and brings my spirit above the old man. It is the greatest battle I have ever had to endure over these years. So many times worse than the persecution, rejection and abuse I’ve suffered at the hands of others. I know that the Lord has given us power and authority over the enemy and we can bind and we can loose and we can cast out. But for me, it has been this wrestling match with my own self, that has been the greatest battle of all. With all that said, Deliverance, Peace, Healing. Thank you Jesus. I have finally made it off this mountain. I have been going around this mountain or as the bible puts it, wandering in the desert, these 40 years. It has been a very slow moving, snail’s pace, yet progressive journey, but I feel like I have finally come to the day where it’s time to ascend. Time to climb to the top. Time to move forward and to never again look back. I have learned so much about my weaknesses and what was truly inside of me that had to go, over these years. I have learned the crucial importance of not cowering to depression, not allowing self-hatred or self-pity to have its way and especially I have learned the blessing of forgiveness. God has done it all. I can honestly say, I am not responsible for a single change in me. He is. And I am forever thankful to our Glorious Savior for His heart, love and compassion for us. Our families, our prodigals, those we worry for…They are saved. God has made a way.

Ps…I have also shared a poem that I wrote several weeks ago that goes along with this word from today. It’s below the message. Peace and Love to you all.


This is the word He spoke to me today after worship…I pray it encourages you all. God Bless. See you at the top!

Sept 8, 2022

I am here My precious child. Daughter of My heart. Your worship, so heartfelt; so pure. Brings tears to My own eyes when I see and feel the love coming from the hearts of those who are My own; My very own. You belong not to or in this world. Not to or in yourselves. You belong to your God. Your King of Glory. Your Shelter; your Healer, your Divine Healer. My children, I am ready to pour out. I am ready to bring forth. Ready to birth My great plans. My children, you too are ready. You have all come such a long way. You have all surpassed anything you thought you could surpass in your own challenges. Bringing each of you higher, out of the mire and off the mountain. I stand at the top with My arms wide open. My children, come; keep climbing. The top is only a few feet away. Think of all you have accomplished of My will for your lives. Look at how far you have come from who you were. Who you used to be. How much you have grown, matured and blossomed. Each of you, a beautiful and unique flower, shining brightly in the bed of My own garden. I have watered. I have delivered sunlight. I have pruned and plucked away the weeds. I have fed you the nutrients you needed to become strong and sturdy. Now nothing can cut you down. Now nothing can mow over you. You are indestructible. I know this journey has been long and painful. But you will soon see why. Why every single detail took place and what it means for your loved ones. Those who have mocked, rejected, abused and abased you. They too are coming home and you have suffered much for many. You will never be overlooked again. You will never be forgotten. You will be remembered forever for your very sacrifices. Your tears, each and every tear represents healing, deliverance, salvation and sanctification for others. You are my selfless flowers. You have stood the very test of time. You have endured and though you’ve withered many times over these years, you each now stand so strong. You are My overcomers and My glory is coming to pour down over each of you. The world will see what they refused to see and they will run in droves to you. For you carry My glory. My light shining brightly in each of you.

Be of good cheer My loves. Be at great peace. For the King of Glory comes and My reward is with Me. To pour out. To Bless. To bring in My wayward sons and daughters. Your very sacrifice has done this. Many thanks to My children who have laid down and taken blow after blow. You rise in My strength; My power; My Glory.

Your Papa

The Poem
The Birth

From the Lion of Judah, a mighty roar resounds within the earth

It’s time now, says our ABBA Father, to bring about the birth

A plan divinely fashioned before the foundation ever began

A secret treasure buried deep beneath the wicked heart of man

A discovery like no other, its value, akin “A pearl of great price”

Made manifest in this arduous era, a wisdom beyond precise

Sharing with us, heaven’s blueprints, the framework of Your design

To bring salvation to all You love, including those of mine

With eyes wide open, they can finally see God’s perfect plans unfold

High above the chaos and noise, hearing all that was foretold

Fiery trials turning many back, to the lover of their soul

Rejoicing, as we watch the devil payback everything he stole

Labour pains ever increasing, evident in the earth

The crescendo of God’s great design, braced to crown and bear the birth

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