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A Word From The Father for Pastors.. Teachers.. Preachers – M Goss

A Word From The Father for Pastors..Teachers..Preachers
May 19, 2019, 12:15 PM
M Goss

I was led by The Spirit to share this only on this platform for now, however if you feel led to share this please do so as it is a heavy message of warning for The Heads of Churches and Congregations.

On 5-17-2019

While in prayer and in Spiritual communion with Jesus, I asked HIM about what was going on with The Pastor at The congregation I attend. HE gave me the following words and had me write them down.

He has become haughty! He no longer seeks MY face as he should. He will be humbled. They will all be humbled. I will remove MY SPIRIT from their buildings. They have allowed their hearts and minds to become seared. They have allowed the outside in, and they live for this world. They seek me with rituals and practices. They have elevated themselves above me and above my throne. They walk in their flesh, and not by MY SPIRIT. I SAVE, not them. I FORGIVE, they do not. They are blind shepards who who lead MY SHEEP to slaughter, wolves in sheep’s clothing.
They need to turn, repent and start over, lest destruction comes upon them. If they humble themselves, turn and seek MY WILL, MY PLANS, I will relent!


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