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A word for the church – Tristan Charles M Massy-Birch

A word for the church
7th May 2019
Tristan Charles M Massy-Birch

Today I appeal out to all the people of God, all who say that they love Jesus and hope in Him for eternal life!
Let me talk seriously with you now. Give me a bit of your time, it’s very important.

Stop and meditate on this. Do you think that you truly and fully have comprehended that you WILL see the LORD in all His fiery, regally divine GLORY, confronted, face to face?
You, yes, you, will actually stand totally NAKED in spirit before the KING of all kings, completely surrounded by His holy majesty, immersed in His absolute, white hot purity, all the while being scrutinised by Him to the minutest detail.
Please be aware that there are entire books written about YOU that He will consult; not one action, speech or thought you’ve ever been involved in will go ignored or unturned. Do not doubt that there will be witnesses for ALL of it, both human and angelic, and there will be no white lies or excuses accepted for anything that does not match the purity expected of all those who hope to be eternally in His presence.

This ‘weighing the balance of one’s individual being’ is set to happen at His utterly final white throne judgement, each of us simply a ‘grain of sand’ among the many multitudes of all other souls and spirits that have been created, who also must face His judgement in the same way.
During this very personal judgement, where all is exposed, all the trillions of very powerful holy angels that willingly serve Him night and day will all be intently focused on how He deals with YOU, each testifying about all the deeds of your life that they have been carefully recording in those special books written especially for this great and terrible day. Nothing will be missed. Every idle word is accountable.

Make no mistake! We must all face the consequences for what we think, say and do during our earthly lives, although I’m aware (and concerned that) it is very easy to forget this truth, as we all live day to day in real time, consumed by situations and scenarios that can easily choke out our relationship and commitment to the Lord. The tempters make sure to keep us in that state, too.

Taking this to heart, then, dear friend, let me ask you to ask yourself this question earnestly, and please be brutally honest with yourself with your answer as you ponder it… will you stand before His throne without being ASHAMED of yourself? Will He really commend you as a ‘good and faithful servant’?

Now, as it stands now, you might well be covered by the precious blood, by a faith that has produced good works in you, and you have the ‘hope of salvation’, and the ‘guarantee of the Spirit’; let us not contend with that here, for saving grace via the cross is solely of the Lord’s work, not our own. Only He really knows if you KNOW Him, or not. As we know, a confession of Christ is not enough, for there are many who confess Christ who continue to live lives of filth and iniquity.
The Lord starting the salvation process in anyone MUST then produce lasting works of righteousness in our lives, unto the glory of Jesus, and that’s the point.
Some of us continue to store up wood, hay and straw as our treasures; others will store up diamonds, silver and gold.
What will stand and remain firm in the blazing heat of His mighty presence? Some of us will only escape through this fire completely naked, with nothing to show for it except the grace and mercy of God on them. Will you go to the wedding wearing the right attire?

So in all seriousness, I implore you, take time now to honestly examine yourself. Go to your prayer closet, and listen to the Lord. Pay no mind for the busyness of life; take no care for anything that prevents you from truly knowing His Spirit.

I’m bringing this all up in brotherly loving concern, because what I know of many of you is only through what I see you put on your Facebook posts.
Sadly, it is here on this platform where on a daily basis I literally abundantly see vanity, self absorption, egocentricity, pride, flattery, wooliness, worldliness and false humility subtly play themselves out in the lives of those who profess Christ.
I have also seen confusion, doubt, anger, argumentativeness, division, compromise and deception.
I even sometimes see arrogance and hypocrisy, usually hidden behind a foolish mask of ‘righteousness’. That Pharisee spirit is so clearly working among us; beware! It is so easy to miss when you are blinded.

It’s incredible to me, for I don’t know hardly any of you personally, yet it is here on social media where I can clearly see the spiritual manifestations of your hearts, and believe it or not, that is like seeing the ‘real’ you, beyond flesh and blood, beyond the acting of life. The evil spirits in you manifest themselves clearer than day, and you are oblivious to them… many of you don’t even believe that a professing Christian can even HAVE evil spirits! WHAT foolishness! Such an understanding will be detrimental to you on the day of judgement, mark my words; humble yourself and seek truth.

Again, this is a call to check yourselves within your hearts, for Jesus has warned us time and again that it is out of the human heart that comes all of this wickedness. I will continue to do the same, for I am aware that I will also be under the same scrutiny, and also face the judgement tidal wave that looms speedily, closely and relentlessly, spotted just over the horizon. We don’t have long.

Wherever you are in your walk with the Lord, however far along you think you might be, I call you once again to refresh yourself with renewed self scrutiny, to seek holiness ever deeper, to allow the Lord to COMPLETELY change each of us into His likeness! Are you doing the great miracles He promised those who follow Him would do? If not, you are not close enough to Him. Those are the works of a good and faithful servant, and such works will eventually get you killed by the prince of this world. Are you ready?

Forget the trinkets and selfish desires that the flesh yearns for; come completely out of the city of Babylon, church, and do not partake in her atrocities! Run into the hills, and forget about taking a coat with you, if you want to survive! Ask yourself: do you love the world and its ways in any shape or form? If one loves the world, the love of the Father is not in us. Crucifixion is the antidote, the serum that neutralises the devil’s poison. Though we may die, we will live. It is worth it, and He is worthy.

Pray this with me! Let us each be found to be spotlessly CLEAN in His sight! Let us continue to seek to live righteously, according to the fruits of His Spirit manifesting in us, and be aware of, daily fight, and completely do away with any and all evil!

We know in theory that we fight not against flesh and blood. Is it a reality for you? Deliverance is the children’s bread. Any believer that does not realise that we are in the fight for our very lives, against very powerful evil spirits that have built their own very kingdoms actually WITHIN us, strongholds that keep us in bondage to impurity and prevent us from doing even greater works than Jesus – let me tell you that those sorts of believers are in great peril. The spirit war rages around us every moment of every day, yet we tend to congratulate ourselves when we give just a few minutes of our time in prayer. No, we need to get real, stop the internal bickering within the body, realise the devices and schemes of the enemy on a personal and corporate level, and get busy for the kingdom, as though our lives depend on it.

Once again, examine yourself! I promise; I will do the same.


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