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A Word for North America – Solitary Man

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A Word for North America

November 5, 2023 10:33 AM
Solitary Man


Mankind has entered into a deep love affair with the shedding of innocent blood. So shall I give them over to the desires of their heart. The wicked cannot seem to get enough of abortion, suicide, death by injection, death by any and all means. Canada is especially guilty. Your leaders have made this nation the murder capital of the world. Unrestricted abortion, unrestricted euthanasia, unrestricted drug use, the offences pile up without number.

Since you love death with such devotion, death shall be your lot. Not just physical death, but more importantly, spiritual death. Your few voices of righteousness will contrast more and more with the overwhelming number of voices of insanity.

You used to wonder at nations such as North Korea. How insane they seemed. How irrational. Canada will join, and even exceed them. Yes, they killed without number, but still they tried to pretend that their laws protected all. Not so in Canada. Your laws legalize murder in ways that tyrants of old would not of dared to attempt.

You are so proud to legalize the shedding of blood. Thus I decree that you will drown in it. Your judgment will be both physical and spiritual. Yes, many are appointed to die before their time, but many more are now given over to a permanent hardness of heart. I decree blindness upon the land. While other nations are slowly beginning to see, Canada will remain deaf and dumb. Only persevering prayer will break satan’s hold on the souls of this land.

As for America, your pride will be your stumbling block. Your leaders have always boasted that no one can stop America, that we have more strength, more vitality, more willpower than any of our foes.

Because so many in my church have been seduced by this spirit of self will and self reliance, and have refused to understand that it is only I that can deliver them, so have I broken your works. All your protests, all your efforts to expose, to educate, to motivate, will come to naught.

I have blinded those whose hearts are not right before me. My spirit will not strive anymore with the stubborn and the obstinate. It is time for the eagle to stumble and fall. You will not see a measure of relief until you acknowledge that your self efforts are like filthy rags before me. Until you humble yourselves and repent, and look solely to me and me alone for your deliverance.

America, you pride yourselves on your constitution and your bill of rights. You place a false confidence in your arms, and in your patriotism. Know that none of those things can save you. Only the King of Kings can save you.

Until my remnant stops pounding their chests, relying on their authority and their works, no salvation is to be found. Yet something is coming, it is even at the door, that will finally break this spirit of pride and delusion off my body.

When you will finally fall on your face before me, having utterly spent all other options, and cry out to me and me alone, then and only then will your fortunes reverse. I am, and there is no other. What I have tolerated in the past, I tolerate no more. My people will learn to follow me in the way and manner that I have always intended, or they will simply perish. Do not be of those who stiffen their neck and refuse to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to his people.

For those who have understood these things, and are sighing and crying over all the abominations in the land, take heart. I have already given you my peace. You have not been as shaken as those who do not see. Your favour and rewards are increasing. I will extend further grace unto you. You will be kept from many deceptions that the enemy is about to unleash. Be content with the blessings that I have chosen for you, and you will find that your heart will lack no good thing as we enter into the final days of testing ahead.

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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