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A word for Canada – Solitary Man

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A word for Canada

March 1, 2023 10:11 AM
Solitary Man


My son, why are the children dying? Why are the parents accepting the blatant lies of the ‘experts’? It is because of a hatred of the truth. Most people in your land do not want to hear the truth. They did not want to hear the truth in the past, how their ‘form of godliness’ counted as nothing in my sight (2Tim 3:5). No, they wanted to hear smooth things (Is 30:10). They wanted to hear deceits.

Therefore, deceits you shall have. I have sent the spirit of death itself to ride throughout your land (Rev 6:8). Rev 2:23 is being fulfilled before your eyes. Because of your great rejection of my commands and my judgments, eyes to see are being withheld from you (Rev 2:29).

In my great mercy, the last great harvest of this age has already begun in other lands. To my faithful remnant, do not cease to cry day and night unto me, that I visit your land in mercy one final time. The sins of Canada are very great. Not just the worship of death, but the general indifference to the things of God in your churches and in your land.

Revival is never guaranteed. Many, many people simply do not really care. I sent you lock downs and tyranny and you did not repent. I visited the ancients with death and you did not repent. Now I am visiting the young with my severe judgments and yet you value your social media reputation more than you value me or your loved ones. Does this not prove how much you hate the truth? How that even when I take your children from you, you would rather bow to the liars in the land rather than falling on your face in utter brokenness and repentance?

Do you not understand that I can take anything and everything away at any time? Will you not bend the knee and finally change your ways? What more must I do to make you see the error of your ways? There is only so much that can be done to bring you into a true relationship with me.

I cannot overlook unrepentant sin. Yes, there are not many in your nation that truly belong to me. Yet I never needed a great number to accomplish my will upon the earth.

Oh my bride, I yearn to unleash my spirit of grace and forgiveness among you. For those who can still hear my voice, cease not to cry out for your land. Give me no rest day or night, so that I do not pass you by.

The evil one has terrible designs for you. He wants to make Canada as a showpiece of a nation ruined and delivered over to the antichrist. Yet I will throw down these high and lofty plans. If only my people find their courage and persevere. The enemy is doing all he can to wear out the saints of the most high (Dan 7:25).

Come, and enter into the secret place, and abide there until I have come to visit your land in grace and mercy one last time, before the end of all things that must come to pass (1 Sam 19:2, Job 14:13, Ps 25:14, 27:5, 31:20, 91:1).

Solitary Man

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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