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A wondrous sign in the sky

October 6, 2019 12:12:21 PM
Merab Olfert

I had two dreams on October 2, 2019. I am sharing with you herewith my first dream. I will write down my second dream in the next e-mail.

1st Dream:

I was standing at the window in my house and looking up at the sky.

It was the time of the day when the sun has clearly gone below the horizon and the light is increasingly dimming and the darkness is setting in.

So the sky looks dark but it does not look like pitch dark night yet.

I look at the clouds in the sky. They look grey. However the overall atmosphere is not cloudy meaning that it looks like a clear evening.

As I notice this one particular cloud in the sky, I notice a silhouette beginning to pop-up from behind this cloud. The silhouette is that of an old-style ship’s mast. It is pretty big and is easily noticeable in the sky. This silhouette keeps emerging bigger and bigger behind the cloud. I wonder how is it possible for a ship to be sailing in the sky. I call out to my mother in the dream to come have a look at what I am seeing in the sky. My mother sees what I see and tells me to go get my phone and to capture this event on the camera.

I run around the room looking for my phone and by the time I return to the window this ship with huge masts has now folly emerged from behind the cloud. It was now fully visible as a huge ship floating in the sky.

I record the ship moving around in the sky and take some pictures of the same.

I notice that from the point of its emerging out of the clouds it was now moving towards my left hand side in the sky. Then it came further closer to the earth and started moving towards my right hand side, still staying just as high in the sky.

I can now see this ship clearly. No, there were no balloons on it to hold it up in the sky and yet I saw it was clearly being maneuvered by one man who sat at the forefront of the ship and steered it in certain directions. This man was obviously quite huge. I was still on the surface of the earth and I could clearly see this driver’s form. He looked like us humans but he was clearly very large. I also noticed on the hind part of this huge sky-ship there sat another man. This man sat as if he was the one being driven places in this ship. It seemed as if he could be the owner or the master of this ship. He sat in an elevated seat in this ship.

Now I’m still recording this event on my phone camera as this ship is sailing past my view in the sky. As the ship gets closer to my view I notice that this owner or master of the ship is dressed in white clothes. Then I notice his face.

His face was shaped like us humans and yet it was quite different. It was long and had a silvery-white shine on his skin. He wore white clothes. He was certainly not glowing though. I noticed his almost white looking blonde beard. He was not an old man for sure. His hair were shiny blonde. He was obviously so big that I could see all these details on him from so far away and with naked eye.

Now he turned his head and looked straight at me. I noticed his eyes. They were just like glowing balls of fire. I was still on earth and he was still flying way up high in the sky and I could see very clearly what his eyes looked like. His glowing eyes were quite a sight. I wondered if this was “the Messiah” because of how he looked. The description is close to Revelation 19:12 (His eyes were like flames of fire). I was still recording this event on my camera in my dream.

A few seconds went by and my mother and I noticed that he was still looking straight at us and then he suddenly manuvered his ship to come towards us.

The scene now changed and this strange man was now out of his ship, standing in front of us, in mid air. He stood at quite a distance away from us. He still looked straight at my mother and I and then he opened his mouth. A firey blast came out of his mouth straight at us however it never reached us. He persisted for a while and the firey breath from his mouth still didn’t reach us. I was shown this scene from a side view. The firey blasts were being blocked and diverted away from us as if by an invisible wall which I could not see.

I noticed this firey breath from this man’s mouth couldn’t even penetrate into the air on my patio / deck.

I remember I was praying at this point in my dream as this man was breathing fire upon my mother and I. I saw the fire did us no harm however I was shocked at what was happening.

I decided to pull the curtains over my window and walk away into the house, away from this man. A few seconds later I went back to the window and pulled the curtains away. That man was there no more and I saw his ship flying away.

Later in the dream I go into my room. I sit down and rewind the video and pictures from this incident, to watch. In the video I noticed everything looked just as real however the part where fire came out of this man’s mouth, it didn’t look real at all. In the video and in the pictures it looked as if it was drawn-out like a cartoon or a crayon sketch (not the real thing at all). Also the sky behind this man in the pictures looked unreal. It looked like some sort of an invisible looking net was weaved-in and spread all over the sky to either hide something or to portray something else to the humans.

Needless to say when I woke up I immediately realized that the man I saw in my dream was yet one more of the many manifestations of the possible false massiahs who would come with very compelling yet lying signs and wonders in the end times. The deception really would be that big… Again, our Messiah comes on the clouds on a white horse with the armies of heaven behind Him on white horses. He will not be in a flying ship or a space ship of any sorts. He does not come alone. When people see Him they will know Him for who he is. There will be no deception or confusion.

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will give great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” Matthew 24:24

When I woke up in the morning I was reminded that indeed I had been shown this dream about the silhouette of the mast of an old ship rising from behind the clouds “a second time”. This was emphasized upon my memory. The first time I was given this dream was about two weeks prior to this second time however I had totally forgotten about it at that time.

Stay rooted in the WORD and in THE TRUTH.

Yahuah bless you.

Sister in Yashua,


P. S. Look at the image attached. This is similar to the ship that I saw in my dream, floating in the sky.


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