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A Warning To Prepare My Children: A Message For Those Who Will Listen To Their God – Only a Grain of Sand

A Warning To Prepare My Children: A Message For Those Who Will Listen To Their God
May 13, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

The door is wide open now. It can not be closed, until all rolls out. The Seals of Revelation will be revealed one by one. I AM will send the angel of protection to those who are under My Wings, but those who hate their God, or live in mortal sin will be faced with an overpowering wind from the evil one, that will destroy, crush, dissolve, and or transform them genetically into satan’s minions.

You human beings are asleep, most of you. Slumbering in your comfort zones, on a permanent vacation, from the reality of what is truly real, honest and transparent. For you say “all is well,” “it will soon get better,” “tomorrow is another day,” “just be positive.” You have been sold by your leaders for small change. They are slaves of satan all.

Your God has wept tears of Blood, all Heaven is aghast at your blindness, cupidity, laziness, your inability to see the forest for the trees. You walk into the pit freely.

When a storm comes you secure your properties, vehicles, animals, that which can be blown away. When the sun goes down, you prepare for the night, closing the windows, doors, gates. This generation has hastened the End Times, by their acceptance and promotion of evil, sins that destroy the soul for all eternity. Without giving the state of your souls a second thought.

A sudden storm and total darkness will now be unleashed of epoch proportions, surpassing that of the Flood, that some fools continue to say is a myth. I AM will give you a myth, that will lash your incredulous scoffers, with such a jolt that your innards will eliminate the excrement of your individual and collective digestion. A digestion of lies, pride, lust, anger, sloth, hate, murder, poison, greed and cold indifference. You will be seen by all, but abandoned by all, for they will be in the same position that you are in, unless you Repent Now, and are in My protection.


I AM God The Father Almighty


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