A warning for the city of Detroit – a child of god

A warning for the city of Detroit

May 22, 2020 11:31 PM
A child of god

This morning the Lord gave me a warning dream for Detroit. It started when I had to flee from a room where I was treated a little strangely. I fled with my belongings into a room under a house, which was quite sandy. Another woman had also escaped with me. Suddenly there was a lot of water from outside into this sandy ground, so that we had to flee outside onto a lawn.

When I then looked towards the city of Detroit, suddenly a whole district including people and a skyscraper sank into a huge sinkhole. This sinkhole was then covered with very many and large paper clips. The Lord then said to me that this is a warning to Detroit.

I don’t know what those paper clips mean. It could be a reference to an office district.

Kind regards from Germany,

A child of god


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