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A WARNING for Joe Biden

January 22, 2021 2:44 PM

These words were given 1.20.21 – 1.21.21

In the early morning hours of 1.20.21 I had a flash vision of the name ‘Lincoln’ typed on a piece of paper. My first thought was that this was pertaining to the warship the USS Abraham Lincoln but I quickly pushed that thought aside. Then President Abraham Lincoln came to mind and I thought of the fact that he was assassinated.

That morning Inauguration Day I along with the rest of the world watched the news coverage. I had been standing on the word I and many other messengers had received that President Trump would be reelected for a second term. I was still hopeful that things would turn around at the eleventh hour and even when Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States my faith did not falter. However I began to see that though God had given me and others a word on President Trump’s re-election it didn’t necessarily mean it would occur the way we all thought it should. This was definitely God’s plan and God’s timing.

I asked the Holy Spirit what was really going on and later received ‘assassination’. I thought back to the word ‘Lincoln’ I had been given earlier. The Holy Spirit was leading me down a path surely. Then I got ‘His assassination will be swift. It will be brutal. It will be’. I was shocked.

I continued watching the news as now president Biden moved swiftly into office and into power. I was amazed at how quickly changes were taking place and how by signing the executive orders he was undoing all the work that President Trump had initiated. The Holy Spirit had given me a word back in November that the election was ‘rigged’ and even though as believers we’re supposed to honor the kings that God puts in place I didn’t feel Joe Biden had honestly won the election and the Presidency. I saw the signing of those documents by president Biden as illegal. Then the Holy Spirit gave me ‘invalidated’.

invalidated – to render invalid; discredit, to deprive of legal force or efficacy; nullify

Soon after I heard in my spirit ‘it will come to pass’.

It was close to midnight now and the Holy Spirit brought something to my remembrance. In my spirit I heard ‘I gave you the name Kamala’. The Holy Spirit had given me the name ‘Kamala‘ in the middle of last year. I hadn’t thought much about it much other than the fact that this person was one of many contenders for the office of President. And even when she became the Democratic mominee for Vice-president I took little notice. However when Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States I had to take a closer look at what the Holy Spirit was saying. It has been generally noted that president Biden does not possess the mental clarity or stamina and energy needed to fully enact his duties as President of the United States. But Vice-president Kamala Harris appears to possess those traits. And there have been veiled references to Kamala Harris being referred to as President Harris. Is this why the Holy Spirit gave me the name ‘Kamala’ last year and where this is all leading up to? Only time will tell for sure.

The next morning as I watched the news coverage and president Biden continuing to overturn more of President Trumps policies I heard in my spirit ‘he’s a puppet’ and then right after that ‘pray’. If that wasn’t enough I heard ‘warning’. Was the Holy Spirit warning of dire things to come?

Lastly and shortly before writing this post I received the words ‘illegitimate presidency’.

Based on what the Holy Spirit has given me I believe president Biden will meet his soon demise. The Holy Spirit has also requested prayers for this man so I’m asking for prayers as well for the salvation of Joe Biden’s soul. The Lord is merciful surely but judgment appears to be around the corner for some. I pray whatever comes out of this Presidency that truth and justice prevail and that many will awaken and see God’s sovereign hand in all of this.

There is a video which I was led to which appears to support the words given me by the Holy Spirit. See ‘God’s Plan for America Have Not Changed / Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Day 76′ – Dutch Sheets 1.20.21. In this video Dutch Sheets shares a prophetic dream given to him by someone from his prayer team regarding the Presidency. Please refer to the video for the actual dream. An excerpt follows.

“I believe God will uncover what is hidden in darkness and exposure is going to happen. God is going to reveal fully not only what took place in this election but many other aspects of the deep state and corruption in our land. I fully believe God will not allow everything to stay hidden but that evil will be brought to light. One of the members of my prayer team is a prophetic dreamer. God has given her quite a few dreams concerning the election and she was given yet another dream on Sunday January 17th. As you will see the details in the dream indicated that Joe Biden would be inaugurated as President on January 20th. Of course this was somewhat troubling to me yet the dream ended with exposure and turn around. I am withholding names of the people in the dreams other than Kamala Harris.”


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