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A WAR WITHIN USA – Looking towards the Heaven for Jesus


Oct 28, 2019
Looking towards the Heaven for Jesus

Auto Transcript Segment

Given to me on October 26 2019 5 AM
it was concluded at 8:05 a.m.

my daughter
write these words for those who have
ears to hear
be bold beloved do not fear the
adversary and his cohorts but this evil
agenda being planned and executed in
this late hour and expose what is hidden
and bring it to the light I am with you
I am forever I am the same and I never
change I am that I am for I protect
those but excuse me that are mine
my scribes and my Watchmen and my
prophets those who write for me and
speak for me blow ye the trumpet from
Zion my holy mountain so I would hear my
truth as I have spoken there plans to
disseminate that false peace into this
world to poison the minds of my people
with their false propaganda and cause
reliance upon them then meaning those
that are causing all these crises in it
that you know offer peace the plans or
initiatives what a few but excuse me
again and hope this unsettling time
round about my people in our nation
because these fibers have formed
networks like spider webs webs of deceit
that which excuse me that reach out far
and wide into the world even as
tentacles of an octopus would would hide
to the space above as they call it look
at their logos my children here he had
me to research and to bring forth their
logos of you know and rol excuse me in
our Oh
in NASA enas a4 we see like its defense
spyware satellites advanced technology
all things to monitor manipulate or
control the masses and this is for
globalism so guys I want you to keep
that concept in mind globalism you even
though they can’t shortly do you not see
the octopus and the serpents their
mission to go into the heavens above to
spy and manipulate and control and
oversee from there there is no escaping
them as they set set their schemes and
plots in place and snares and traps just
to cure my people in fixed positions of
chaos and despair because there is no
peace and stability that they can
promise the evil eye roams and watches
you my children beware there is no
freedom in this corrupt nation the goal
of the enemies cohorts is to use you in
to call for peace peace 202 bring
together all people on a unified front
and it will start with disorder and
breakdown of the United States of
America here again order out of chaos
with civil war unrest retaliation riots
protests bombings economic collapse and
disasters and then a revolt to take down
your government and it will trickle down
to other nations it is a false peace and
security that they bring to come the
masses but it is not peace I say again
do not be deceived my people the only
pieces I yahushua hamashiach the only
savior and hope for the following man
in this dying decaying world I am the
truth the way and the life and here the
Lord Mitch is truth first and there is a
point to that
because the the point of this message is
to give truth to bring what is hidden
that they do into the light expose it
you know all this deception that is
fooling the Masters no one will come to
the Father but through me what they
offer is being a part of the beast and
the Beast system the the way of the
adversary and it grows every day is my
children join in their play and believe
their tactics many falling by the
wayside and here the Lord give me Luke
chapter 8 verses 5 through 8

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