Prophecy, Spiritual Warfare, War


By Mik Sadasey

Published on Jan 21, 2016


My divine authority is judging your heart. Will I find a stony heart or a fleshy one? My children I need you to examine where you are in our walk daily.

Let’s talk about government shall we? Unfortunately, yours is corrupt and ruining your land on purpose. Many are plotting for population control. They want humanity at a manageable level. Their hearts are nothing but evil. There is no compassion found in a single soul.

A war will start that they cause. The war will be unlike any previous war and can annihilate humanity from existence.

A war that is both spiritual and physical.
Those that don’t go with the new system will be ostracized, tortured, and killed for My name’s sake.

The people that start this war will go hide in the mountains. They have set up places of safety for themselves and their families. Do they honestly think they can hide from My fury? I think not. I control the mountains, the sea, the air. I control who lives and dies.

Essentially, children, here is what is coming on this fallen Earth.
A new religion purely Luciferian in doctrine.
A new worldwide government run by the Antichrist.
A new currency to control the masses, steal wealth, and enslave the masses.
A new law throughout the land.

Constant monitoring.
Satan is literally trying to copy me. He insists on his Mark in my children forehead and right hand to show they are enslaved. Where the children with my mark are free from the bondage of slavery.

Money will soon be useless My children. So will all precious metals and jewels. It will have almost no value. My children, a time of great suffering is coming upon this land of Earth. Many will cry out for mercy but I will hear not for they have committed themselves to idols. True repentance will bring in my tribulation martyrs and Saints.

Many will be so lost in the world they won’t even realize that all of this has been planned since the beginning of time.

I want to end suffering and despair. I want to end poverty and sadness.
This world is fallen. I must destroy sin completely. This includes sinners to bring about the end of suffering. I have heard your cries my children. There is not much longer left for this Earth. The Earth bemoans its inhabitants.

The Earth itself cries for My redemption.
I will destroy Satan and true peace will exist.
All evil will be far away.
What a Glorious day.


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