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A War For A War / Mine For Yours – Pollox


A War For A War / Mine For Yours

July 20, 2021 7:10 PM

July 20, 2021

Scriptural Reference:

Acts Chapter 10 Verse 34 (partial)
“... In every deed I perceive that God is not a respecter of person.”

It is not lawful in any wars, how just soever to kill children. But You Have Made It The Law Of The Land America. You children of Adam & Eve listen now and ponder: Is not war evil, murder and hate of your own brother? Did not Cain kill Abel? From the start of mankind have you not practiced this abomination in My sight?

The snake king has hated mankind and vowed from the beginning to destroy you all. Has he not turned brother against brother, sister against sister, son against father, daughter against mother, pushed you to murder yourselves in suicide? This is his war against mankind.

So the wars rolled have rolled out and intensified down through history to this generation: The War To End All Wars! ABORTION! Before your children are even born and now lawfully After They Are Born. “It is my right,” you say. Now I AM Will Have My Rights! I AM will give you a war Mystery Babylon that will crush your land, people and state to dissimulation.

The Great Master of life and death has been pleased sometimes to ordain that children should be put to the sword in detestation of the crimes of their parents, so that they might not live to follow the same wicked ways. This must happen now in your land America, for you have been silent in the enacting of laws against nature, that cry out for retribution extreme. Your blood soaked earth can not hold any more. Your Christian Churches have remained silent on this matter. Perfidious Priests And Pastors All!

So Now I AM Gives You A War For Your War Against My Little Ones. Your own children will die the death and many of you will curse My name. If I AM allowed your madness to continue any longer, your own children will practice murder as a pastime, even now more young ones are killing each other more and more frequently. Study War No More! Too Late You Will Pay The Price Of Silent Complacency, Indifference, Support, And Political/Social/Sexual Ideology. It Is What It Is: A War For A War / Mine For Yours. End

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