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A Visiting Angel’s Warnings – Anno.Domini.144K


A Visiting Angel’s Warnings

March 1, 2023 12:51 PM

February 27, 2023

In a dream vision, I was walking down a hallway past other people when I noticed a man standing along to the left at the end of the hallway. He appeared to be a lean, middle-aged man in a white sweater and khaki pants, but something was different about him so I stopped. I sensed he was a man of God, so I asked him, “Are you a minister?” Then I noticed that he shimmered with light as if he was a holographic image. Though he did not have wings or armor, I wondered if he was an angel. I then asked him directly, “Are you an angel?” He did not say “Yes” or “No” but instead immediately told me my latest sins and told me not to do them anymore. I acknowledged my sins and repented. When I asked him if he had a message beyond telling me to repent, he showed me two scenes related to what will happen so God’s people can better prepare.

In the first scene, the angel showed me a sudden great cold that would happen quickly, unexpectedly, and out of season. The cold would kill many crops, farm animals, and some people who had no way to keep their homes sufficiently warm. It was a cold in which some people should not go outdoors—the kind of cold that requires thermal underwear, multiple layers, and even a balaclava-style head covering. The angel did not tell me exactly where this would take place, but when I saw the scene, it did not look like a foreign country and looked like it could easily be America. The angel did not tell me who or what was responsible for this unseasonable cold. However, I sensed it was a combination of man’s geoengineering and God’s judgement perhaps caused by something from space that affected Earth. When I asked the angel when it would happen, he said, “Tomorrow.” I realized that in God’s timing, “Tomorrow” can be different than man’s meaning of the word. Hearing the word “Tomorrow”, I recalled the extreme climate disaster film The Day After Tomorrow, in which parts of the Northern Hemisphere enter a new Ice Age. What I saw was not that extreme, but seemed to be temporary. The angel did not tell me how long this sudden cold would last, but he urged me to tell others to prepare their homes, wardrobes, and pantries to sustain themselves through this unexpected cold spell.

In the second scene, the angel took me to a computer shipping depot somewhere in the United States. Boxes containing computers were being received. I watched as these boxes were being opened, their contents inspected, and then reshipped. I saw and overheard male and female employees complaining about parts being missing. A specific part that should have been there was gone, either never supplied by the manufacturer or stolen by thieves in transit. When I asked the angel what this part was, he showed me a burlap sack emptying its contents on the ground. The small objects that came out were square and rectangular in black casing, some with something metallic protruding like a flash drive has. Though he did not tell me what they were, I suspected that they were semiconductors. He told me to tell the people to stock up on items they needed that contained such technology because in the future it would not be available easily or affordably. Many would have to wean themselves off of their dependency on semiconductor technology because they would no longer have access to it, most probably caused by war in Taiwan, which makes 65% of the world’s semiconductors and almost 90% of the advanced chips. In comparison, the United States currently produces only 10% of the world’s semiconductors.

When I receive dream visions, it is usually the Holy Spirit—most often invisible and without form—who takes me places and shows me scenes, but this time an angel in the form of a white-sweatered man (he flew but without wings) appeared to me to communicate messages. So excited to meet this angel and see what he had to show me, I completely forgot to ask him his name. If he appears again, I hope I will remember to ask him for his name!

God loves His people and would not have them suffer—in the case of this vision, from sudden, unexpected cold and less access to technology. We need to draw close to God in these times, as there is no better friend to have at our side. He cares for us and protects us. He equips His workers as necessary for His kingdom, better enabling us to accomplish our mission and bring in the Harvest.


Psalm 78:47-48 NIV

47 He destroyed their vines with hail
and their sycamore-figs with sleet.
48 He gave over their cattle to the hail,
their livestock to bolts of lightning.

Psalm 147:16-17 NIV

16 He spreads the snow like wool
and scatters the frost like ashes.
17 He hurls down his hail like pebbles.
Who can withstand his icy blast?

Proverbs 31:21 NIV

21 When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
for all of them are clothed in scarlet.

Habakkuk 2:2-3 NIV

2 Then the Lord replied:

“Write down the revelation
and make it plain on tablets
so that a herald may run with it.
3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
it speaks of the end
and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it;
it will certainly come
and will not delay.

Haggai 1:5-6 NIV

5 Now this is what the Lord Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways. 6 You have planted much, but harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.”


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