A VARIED TEACHING – Judith Reynolds


May 3, 2020 10:28 PM
Judith Reynolds

Word given 3:02 PM, 4/30/20

During my prayer time the Lord was speaking to me and said “There isn’t much time now”

I asked if He wanted me to pray or let Him speak, He said “I speak now, mark the time.”

“Now it shall break forth saith The LORD-though it shall “seem” as if the changes are not drastic, they already have been and will be-The Sons of GOD know this;the Beast system is gearing up and ready to be “at the ready”. All is FALSE in this world and so all the world is speaking IS False. I ALONE am TRUTH. Even if there be bits of truth mixed in, the whole of what, they are saying, communicating is a LIE! DO NOT TRUST IN MAN! Pray, My People for the children-they are very tired of this world and huring so badly, many of them. Pray for the fatherless, the widow as My Word declares to and keep oneself unstained from this world. It is vital now to Come to ME! I AM giving instructions of grand proportion to MINE OWN now-to gently lead them in all things now. CONSIDER YOUR DOINGS! ASK ME before ANY small decision and certainly for large ones.

All details matter now; I must work out the details so as to PROTECT you!.If you do not come to ask ME, I then cannot oversee those decisions-as ONE small decision on electronics can/may procure consequences of hurt for you later on, when the Beast system is fully implemented. (And for your families) Just ASK before you ACT! ALL is not as it seems!!!

My children, I know you are scared to yet live in this world where evil is now ruling the masses; always remember that I AM ruling you! Let this comfort your hearts. Please praise ME even when you are feeling downcast, apart from your sufferings with ME as a necessity and out of your love for ME returned I do not want you to suffer.

“Let the redeemed of the LORD SAY so!” The trials will come closer together now, and yet Blessed is your Hope as you are growing stronger in ME! Therefore the victory shall be sweeter after each trial; you shall come to know ME better and better now, quicker and you shall hear ME clearer as you obey in detail and Seek My KINGDOM first no matter what your flesh tells you or is going through.

The flesh does react to full obedience to My will in a persons life, you will have to continue to “combat” this-IT IS WAR- your flesh hates ME. The flesh cannot take the Glory. My flesh had to die, yours does it daily. I will give you stradegies and prayers to add to your daily ones; this will continue until.MY COMING; be attentive to My Spirit on theseI delight in you , My children, My chosen, My yielded ones- How I rejoice in you! Do not spare the flesh where I ask you not to, fast and pray always, annoint with oil when I tell you to.

Contact a brother or sister in Christ if I tell you to but do NOT trust in the flesh. How many are deceived , it breaks My heart and the number increases daily. We are at the end, man rules not anymore, spirits do!

I want to tell you a few things of marriage, listen closely to what the Spirit is saying. Marriage is for Love, marriage is NOT for more money, to satisy the lusts of the flesh. I made marriage for two people to experience Love with one another AFTER they have obeyed and put ME FIRST, worshipped ME FIRST.

Relationships now will become more burdensome in these last days as your flesh must choose ME FIRST; marriages will either grow closer together in Christ or there will be division. Hearts will grow cold as prophesied, you cannot cling to your marriages for safety. I ALONE am your safety though you will receive comfort and Love if you are both seeking ME and “Looking up!”

My children, I have ordained it to be even yet now that some of you will be aligned, introduced to your brother or sister in Christ as I desire Kingdom couples to do many things for My KINGDOM even though the time left is short. Let each one seek My Face about this. I will lead you forward, and the circumstances as a result of your obedience shall be pleasant for you. You will know in your spirit the TRUTH as I will not allow the enemy to tempt you with a person that is not of ME! You WILL know! I will lead you and guide you. Doubt not the way

I work with you-allow ME to have My full way in your lives-for if you are Mine you’ve offered your lives already. Housing-Seek ME, Schools-seek ME, jobs-seek ME, loans-seek ME, healthcare-seek ME, EVERYTHING- Seek ME! So much will change shortly-Do NOT count on the “status quo”

My KINGDOM is coming and you must be aligned with MY WAYS not this world’s- you shall have to exit the worlds ways as I lead you. I Love you My children and I need you to be pliable though your flesh will not understand at times. Hold fast, pray, read of ME, worship ME and do not give what is precious away to anyone that has not your souls eternal state as their FIRST priority.

Stay IN ME!

With Love and Concern,


Scriptures give for this word are:

Proverbs 14:3, Ezekiel 18:4, I Corinthians 13:8
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 (when I asked for extra confirmation to put out the marriage portion of word.)


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