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A Time To Take A Bold Stand For Jesus! – Robyn Ward

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A Time To Take A Bold Stand For Jesus!

June 9, 2024 8:31 PM
Robyn Ward

I had a dream last night I wanted to share about Christian persecution greatly escalating. In this dream people were taken to a facility concentration camp like area because of things going on in the world . At the time they went there they went by choice. Suddenly these people were held by force at the facility. Then some of the guards said in the dream they wanted to find out who the Christians were and anyone that identified as a Christian was going to have to write down that they were Christian because the guards wanted to know how exactly many true Christians there were . Some people backed down and didn’t want to say they were Christian because they were fearful of what would happen. I knew in my dream I had to make my decision In my dream I wrote down on the paper provided that I was Christian because I wanted to take a stand for Jesus Yeshua Ha Maschiach my Savior so I made it known. In my dream everyone that identified as a follower of Jesus was killed. The persecution was intense and I know that this is not a time to waiver in your faith but instead a time to take a bold stand for Jesus !

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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