a time of darkness – Victoria Ang

a time of darkness

April 19, 2020
Victoria Ang


In the dream I found myself sitting in a room that I was made known represented my house. There was a thin wall that separated me from another persons house. But the wall had a large broken area in it that separated us. I looked into the other persons house and saw an unknown man. ( God). He was walking towards me from within his house. ( represents heaven). As I kept my eyes on him I saw such a BRIGHT light emitting from him ,in every move he made. He walked over to the wall still standing in his own home. And I moved close to the wall so I could hear what he was going to tell me. And he said this” I AM COMING BACK TO PATCH UP THE WALL THAT SEPARATES US”! WHEN I DO IT WILL BE DARK”! And he walked towards the door to leave frim his home.

The dream ended.

Interpretation :

The Lord is soon returning to come for his bride that has kept her eyes on him , to soon spend eternity in heaven.( After the harvest work is completed)…. It will be a time of darkness both physical and spiritual!

God bless ! 💕


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