a time of darkness – Victoria Ang

a time of darkness

April 19, 2020
Victoria Ang


In the dream I found myself sitting in a room that I was made known represented my house. There was a thin wall that separated me from another persons house. But the wall had a large broken area in it that separated us. I looked into the other persons house and saw an unknown man. ( God). He was walking towards me from within his house. ( represents heaven). As I kept my eyes on him I saw such a BRIGHT light emitting from him ,in every move he made. He walked over to the wall still standing in his own home. And I moved close to the wall so I could hear what he was going to tell me. And he said this” I AM COMING BACK TO PATCH UP THE WALL THAT SEPARATES US”! WHEN I DO IT WILL BE DARK”! And he walked towards the door to leave frim his home.

The dream ended.

Interpretation :

The Lord is soon returning to come for his bride that has kept her eyes on him , to soon spend eternity in heaven.( After the harvest work is completed)…. It will be a time of darkness both physical and spiritual!

God bless ! 💕

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  1. Jon K

    Beautiful message, I am happy that he is coming again soon, just need to “Run our race and receive our prize” as Paul says, praise Jesus! 🙂

  2. Veronica Cuello

    Beautiful message. Come soon My Lord we Love You, we want to be with you day and night. We want all these evilness to end. Protect your bride. Protect the left behind church, protect Israel. Protect the children. Come soon.

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