A Table in the Presence of Mine Enemy – Averine Pennington


A Table in the Presence of Mine Enemy

July 12, 2020 10:26 PM
Averine Pennington

Dream rec’d by Averine Pennington, 6/29/20, posted 7/12/20

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ. It is Sunday afternoon and I just watched a YT video posted by our sister Linda Hasche, on BelieveActs2-Harvest. My heart was pricked and I am now led to post a dream I received around 6:00am on the morning of June 29, 2020.

The dream is as follows:

It was the wee hours of the morning and I was with a team of the resistance. There were only four of us and we were busy packing up our few belongings after camping overnight in a burned-out church. We were traveling very light with just a bed-roll a duffle bag filled with the equipment we needed to accomplish our assigned task. I didn’t see any food. Someone on our team had been killed the previous day, and we were waiting for a new recruit to meet up with us. We were scouring the church to make sure we did not leave any evidence or our presence behind. As I walked down between the damaged pews, I found a pair of shoes that had been left behind and threw them in the duffel bag. They weren’t mine, I don’t know who they belonged to. (Again, what’s with the shoes, Lord?) Our new recruit finally showed up . . . a young lady probably not more than 20 years old. She looked scared to death but determined to do her part. We were traveling together in a very small foreign car, about the size of a Mini-Cooper.

Next, was loading the small car and getting everyone and everything to fit. Even though our mission that day was very serious, we took a moment to laugh with one another as the whole process of getting in that car was hilarious! At the last minute before driving away, this tiny dog, I think it was a Jack Russell terrier, came running out of nowhere and jumped into my lap in the car. He was not a puppy, just a small affectionate dog. We couldn’t leave him behind, so he became part of the team.

Next, we arrive at this huge facility. On the outside, it looked sort of like an old-fashioned hospital or sanitorium or something of that nature. It seemed to be located outside of the city as the grounds surrounding it were extensive. It was swarming with military personnel and the people that were arriving to work there were all dressed in medical garb. My team and I seemed to all know what to do. All but one of us donned lab coats to appear as though we worked there. One of our team, a guy, was in the same military uniform of all the other soldiers we saw. The uniform was a dark solid color, not camo. I have no idea what country we were in but I think it may have been someplace in Europe, not the USA. I say that because of the car we were driving and the church we had stayed in was like a really old cathedral. The members of our ‘medical team’ blended separately in with the other workers as they entered the building. Our ‘soldier’ went another direction. We all seemed to know exactly where to go though I had never been there before. It was like we had already been briefed or the Holy Spirit was guiding each step. Unfortunately, I was carrying the dog in my arms which seemed to bring more attention my way. I was approached by a soldier, but amazingly, he just wanted to pet the dog. The dog seemed to distract the enemy from my true purpose and even granted me more favor. The soldier actually held the door for me to enter the facility.

Once inside, I was met by another on my team and we proceeded down a long hallway. We seemed to be in some sort of laboratory facility where all kinds of experiments were being performed using Christians as guinea pigs. I got the distinct impression this facility had something to do with vaccines and the production of the ‘mark of the beast’. Our mission was to disable the facility using sabotage and subterfuge. One of the enemy soldiers seemed to get suspicious of our slow movement down the hallway and started to approach us. Luckily, ‘our soldier’ intercepted him and struck up a conversation. They walked away together the other direction. About that time, our new recruit opened a door with a sign ‘No Access Beyond This Point.’ It was one of those doors with no knob to enter from our side and could only be opened from the other side. I have no idea how she got behind that door. She motioned us to hurry through the door. Once inside, we immediately made a U-turn down another dimly-lit hallway going back parallel to the way we had just come. To the right was a conference room of some sort and on the large table a breakfast buffet had been set up, including all kinds of fruit and sweet rolls. Foods we had not seen or tasted in months. The room was unoccupied as it was still early. We were all starving, so we began putting food in our mouths and stuffing our pockets with sweet rolls. Our new recruit had evidently already taken some samples because she kept telling us what to try and how delicious it all was. As I was enjoying the food the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.” The dream ended. I can only assume that our mission was successful because I have had other dreams since this one and I have evidently lived to fight another day!

Just My Own Personal Musings:

Many mornings I awake very tired and feel like I have been dreaming all night but upon awakening the specifics quickly begin to fade. Other times, the Lord allows me to recall vividly the details of a dream. In those instances, I usually write it all down, assuming it to be significant . . . if not now, then at some future date. I don’t know what to do with these dreams, so they just accumulate in a notebook. Some of these dreams are so other-worldly that they seem like ‘science fiction.’ In one, I remember fighting these flying creatures that look like huge, hairy bats with disproportionate heads and teeth like a lion. I can’t imagine some of these weird dreams ever coming true!

I know this is going to sound like ‘the twilight zone’ but as I glance periodically at my dream adventures, I wonder if they are just dreams! I feel as though I am actually there, in person, doing all those great exploits. A while back the Lord asked me to pray and ask Him for more understanding on the ‘time of NOW.’ I’m not exactly sure what that means but I know it has something to do with learning about ‘TIME.’ I’m not just talking about understanding ‘the times we are living in’ but about ‘time itself.’ Another person recently posted a Word of prophecy and the last 3 words really stood out to me. I got Holy Spirit goosebumps when I read them. The words were . . . ‘ETERNITY IS NOW.” That is very deep! How should that be interpreted?

I have been searching the scriptures trying to get a better understanding. It is as though the Lord wants me to see something behind the veil. The scripture, I Cor. 13:12, was brought to my mind. 12) “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” I have shared before that the Word of God is like an onion. Sometimes we have to peel the layers back to see what lies just beneath. This scripture clearly says we only KNOW in part. We don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. As we approach the end of days, I think our Lord wants us to search out all his hidden mysteries. I believe this is another piece of the puzzle He wants me to understand more fully.

We know that God Himself is not limited by time or space. He is not only omnipotent (Almighty, having virtually unlimited authority or influence), but He is omni-present (in all places at all times) and omniscient (having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight; possessed of universal or complete knowledge). I by no means think that any human being can possess those same traits. Man is not God! God, however, can choose to manifest Himself through the Holy Spirit in man as He sees fit. Was not Philip sent to a divine appointment with the Ethiopian eunuch and then transported out of his sight to a completely different location, if you will a different ‘space’? (see Acts 8) Our God controls ‘space’ and ‘time.’ Our God control everything . . . all that is, or was, or ever will be!

Is it then so far-fetched that I feel as though I have already been fighting battles in my dreams? I know it sounds preposterous but just imagine with me for one moment! Is it so far out of the realm of possibilities that God could already be transporting His warriors behind the veil to fight the battles of the ‘future’ NOW! On one occasion, the Lord told me that He has already seen me crowned! Not future tense . . . past tense! At the time, I just understood this to be a reference to the fore-knowledge of God. But what if there is a deeper meaning? What if as our Lord says, the battle has already been won . . . we just have to live it out! Because ‘eternity is now’! I warned you this might sound like the ‘twilight zone.’ My musings are probably just that, but perhaps I have given you food for thought. Sometimes we need to think outside of the box. For sure, His ways are not our ways. If my dreams are indeed just dreams, I believe God at the very least is using them as a means of training . . . a sort of boot camp for possible scenarios we may encounter in the very near future. I would welcome comments from others who may have experience or revelations into such matters.

For those who think I am foolish . . . join the crowd. You are definitely in the majority! Time is too short for me to worry about what other people think. I am not ashamed to be a fool for Christ!

Blessings to all,



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  1. Carla

    Wow that was such a detailed dream . I understand what your saying about dreams seeming like adventures . I dream every night all night . I feel bad because I started having end time dreams some years back and I did start writing them down but after some time I feel like I didn’t really understand them and I threw the notebook away !!!! Or I tore the pages out and tossed them … now I wish I hadn’t done that . I shared my dreams with a few friends but never really shared . Now I still get a lot of dreams but a lot of them feel so random and insignificant.. some even give anxiety . I don’t know … but this was amazing and doesn’t sound twilight zone at all :)) I want my family and I to be ready and I do want to ask the Lord to show me the time of now . Have a blessed day .

  2. John Lepley

    The shoes symbolize your calling and you must put them on. position yourself to do God;s will. The military uniforms were a solid blue, This is NATO troops and the blue is the color that renders invisibility at night. I suspect, But The lord told us to position ourselves to do God;s will, These dreams are to be verified. here;s the process, 1, ask the Lord if the dream was from him, 2, ask for the interpretation of the dream,.You are seeing the future, That dream was of God, NATO troops will be policing the US, very soon, And they are using Christians as guinea pigs in your dream. The mark of the beast will alter your DNA,. And the Lord told me let no man alter his DNA him who does is cut off, God bless you,

  3. John Lepley

    You have a great destiny. The dreams you can;t rember are in your mind and will become known to you at the right time, Take on the shoes, the greatest revival is at hand. And more people will turn to Christ because he will be the only way we;ll survive this.

  4. Only A Grain OF Sand

    Your “musings” are reality! Time for God is on a line, past, present, future are all one and in the present for Him. If it is His Will for you to experience and or live the future now, Do Not Doubt but be at peace. It is already done! Eternity Is Now! Let other scoff but be silent….

  5. Only A Grain OF Sand

    Your “musings” are reality! Time for God is on a line, past, present, future are all one and in the present for Him. If it is His Will for you to experience and or live the future now, Do Not Doubt but be at peace. It is already done! Eternity Is Now! Let other scoff but be silent….

  6. Tim


    I’ve only commented to anyone a few times in the last few months, because I’ve felt the Spirit leading me away from doing so. There are reasons for doing so, but they are of those “hidden mysteries” that only the Lord can reveal. It is for this same reason I will keep this brief.

    You are not foolish, in fact just the opposite. The Spirit is leading you to some very deep understanding regarding time, eternity, the battle, and “timelessness”. Do not stop here, but continue to read His word, ask Him to guide you, and give you understanding. Look for Him in everything you do; seek His face. As you do this faithfully, He will reveal more and more. MANY are called, but few are chosen.

    This is enough for now.

    I pray for you, Averine, and I pray for all.

    A brother.

  7. Casey Ellis

    In many of my dreams I am ministering to people, and I can feel the power and anointing of God on me. I have wondered and have asked the Lord if I’m really ministering to them. Is it a training? Or are these people getting ministered to through me as I’m sleeping?

  8. Judy Reynolds

    Amen. We must walk this out in the flesh as JESUS said “it is finished.” Phillip is an example to us I believe as God is outside of time and thus God may do with us, His vessels as He chooses.
    DIRE times are upon us now. HE calls us to walk in FAITH and LOVE. May God give us strength as we must adjust to blunt changes now.
    Judy Reynolds

  9. Anna

    Perhaps—this is just a thought, it was not in the future, well at least not on the clock. There is a possibility that that did happen, just as you described it, in a place perhaps in Europe—a different time zone, but at the same “time.” There are places, for example in Eastern Europe that fit the exact description, and who knows, they may be torturing Christians even now. We know there are powerful people who are doing those things you described and worse, it’s just not publicly acknowledged. However it could totally be in the future. Time is an earthly thing, and it’s not even straight on earth, there are time zones. This stuff isn’t just sci fi. Where do you think authors get their ideas from?

  10. Averine Pennington

    Thanks so much to all of you. I was so unsure of posting my musings about ‘Time’ but your comments were all so encouraging. I’m glad to know that I am not the only person who is dealing with some of these ‘spiritual mysteries’. I will just keep pressing in as I seek the Lord’s counsel, trusting He will lead and guide me to the truths He wants me to see. Whether I am only in training or actually experiencing the events in my dreams, may my Lord be glorified through my life.

    Yours for the Harvest,

  11. Alice R

    Whenever the enemy is around you, think on this verse. It is about both blessings & facing the enemy. Thank you for the message.

  12. Averine Pennington

    Alice R, thank you for your comment, but did you mean to leave a verse. I do not see one.

  13. Jacob Weitzel

    Your story reminds me of the scene in the “Left Behind Series” when the Tribulation force was going into the enemies prison/ warehouse covertly rescue that one important person. Maybe the books are too far off from future reality.

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