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A Strange New Disease is Coming in 2023 – Sammy Omosh

Hand with boils, from An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, by Edward Jenner, 1798. The Wellcome Library, London.

A Strange New Disease is Coming in 2023

December 17, 2022 7:38 AM
Sammy Omosh
Kenya 🇰🇪

On 12/12/22 i woke up at 5:15am from a dream vision. We were at a place and it was announced that Something is coming suddenly. Everybody ran outside and this very thing was about to Explode. I asked a lady standing nearby, “what that was all about”. She {a Nurse} told me a Strange new disease is about to affect Humanity.The only information I had, was that it will affect the Skin.

Previously in another Revelation this year, I was a victim of this disease and I had what looked like boils all over my face. {The lord gave me a glimpse of what this disease will look like.} This Outbreak will be highly Contagious and lethal unlike any skin disease we have known. At the tail end of the dream, I saw people lining up and checked individually upon entering a building. And lastly i saw a pool of water- It could be a waterborne disease.

On 5/12/22At 4:35am, I wake up from a vision in which I see the current president in a crisis meeting/consultation.He comes out of the Office and he stands at the Entrance.His Countenance bespeaks Exhaustion, sadness and Confusion.He was in deep thought and turned back hurriedly. An event coming will be a catalyst for the described Scenario. Don’t be concerned with the timing {subject to change.}

On 14/12/22 in yet another Supernatural visitation, I see the president’s henchmen in a meeting. Notably among them I see COTU boss {i whisper a word to him.} and Prime Cabinet Secretary {in a pensive mood.} The People of the Land, let’s REPENT before the throne of Grace that we may obtain mercy in the turbulent time ahead of us.

[2Chron7:14] Rev6:8 And there shall be pestilences.’


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