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A Soon Coming Event Leads To The Panic Reading Of Prophecy Posts!

November 11, 2020 10:53 AM
Humbled for Service
Psalm 134

Behold, bless the Lord,
All you servants of the Lord,
Who by night stand in the house of the Lord!
Lift up your hands in the sanctuary,
And bless the Lord. The Lord who made heaven and earth

Bless you from Zion!


This is a dream that I received in the month of May or perhaps June 2020. A dream that tells us of the critical times we are now living in.

In this dream, I was looking at the “Viewed” statistics of a prophecy post. I do not know which particular website I was looking at. But the particular page I was looking at looked very much like a page from the 444 Prophecy News Website. My attention was focused only on the statistics dial. I did not get to read the heading or contents of this particular post.

The statistics counter was in the form of an analogue dial register, like those that have been used in old types of water or electricity meters. The numbers were in black letters and the dials were in white background.

An event had occurred and people were now tuning in to look at the prophecy posts. A great number of people were suddenly doing this. I do not know what particular event that had occurred. I can only speculate.  People from all parts of the world and from all walks of life were now going online and logging into the prophecy website to read about what the Lord had revealed through his messengers and prophets. And it seems there was panic. There seems to be a sudden rush and urgency. People were reading the posts to confirm that in deed the Lord God had revealed the event(s).

So as I was looking at the dial, I saw it suddenly begin to spin very fast. The numbers were turning very fast. The register was soon recording tens thousands. And in a short while, it was spinning into hundreds of thousands. In a while, I saw the numbers spin into millions and tens of millions.

The dream ended and I woke up.


The Lord’s Answer

Habakkuk 2: 2 – 3

2 Then the Lord replied:

“Write down the revelation

    and make it plain on tablets

    so that a herald[b] may run with it.

For the revelation awaits an appointed time;

    it speaks of the end

    and will not prove false.

Though it linger, wait for it;

    it[c] will certainly come

    and will not delay.

[b] Habakkuk 2:2 Or so that whoever reads it

[c] Habakkuk 2:3 Or Though he linger, wait for him; / he

Your brother in Christ, William.


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