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Dream: A Slice Of Reality A Slice Of Time

May 26, 2020 7:34 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

May 25, 2020

Had a dream last night, while I was in it I was also watching it, so it was two perspectives at the same time. Also it was so strange I was trying to figure out what it meant as it was happening, so very confusing. The full meaning was not given to me until I woke-up and got up for a few minutes and then went back to bed, the Holy Spirit un-wravelled it slowly before I went back to sleep.

In front of me was a huge loaf shaped object, shaped like a loaf of gigantic bread. I did not get the sense that the object was evil, but represented us individually and collectively, and the world at large. A slice had been taken out and had to be replaced. The edges of the slice and cut from the dark shaped object were exact as if a knife had made a clean cut in the first place. The person who was to replace the slice (including me somehow) was not confident they could do it, they were in fear, confusion and doubt. There was no humanly way possible for either of us to get it in the slot let alone lift it in the first place. Time was passing and it was imperative to make a move now. Further indecision was no longer an option.

Both of us had a change of heart and the slice of itself (not-by-human-hands) was perfectly lifted into place. Case dismissed. I awoke, went back to bed and pondered it for awhile. Heavily charged with symbolism, hope I remember it all…

– there is no more time to think about it
– what you do will affect everyone in the world now and in the future
– we can do nothing of ourselves, without God forget it
– if you abandon your station you are lost
– our future is not in our own control/human will anymore
– drop fears, doubts, hesitation
– deal with reality as we now experience it forget about the past
– work while there is still day-light
– work together between the two of us it was accomplished
– trust in God alone, He is our Provider, Deliverer, Savior


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