A Shift Is Coming – Lisa Jones (UK)


Apr 23, 2019, 9:08 AM

Received 23.4.19

Lisa Jones (UK)


There is a wind beginning to blow that will cause a change and a shift. It is about to happen and all creation can feel it. Change is coming suddenly – it will take many unaware – they will not expect it.

This shift will affect the entire earth, as it groans and yearns for my return; it will quake and move.

This is part of my word being fulfilled in these last days (Jer 1 v11-12). These things must happen and no one will be able to stop it. It’s a polar shift, a tilting of the earth and this will alter the world in many ways. Destruction comes fast now but my dear child you will be kept safe. For just as I protected Noah and his family from the waters so I will protect you- my bride.

I have so much in store for my bride, this is just the beginning for you. Just as I have said – you are not of this world, you belong to me and in heaven you will soon be. For there are many things which will take place in heaven to prepare my bride ready for her reign with me.

I love you my dear child, but I cannot tolerate the sin of this world any longer. The bloodied garments of death worn by so many people that have innocent blood on their hands, it causes me to weep and plead for mercy from my Heavenly Father. But the days of mercy and grace are nearly over and the time for Judgement is already here. It is the time when one catastrophe will lead to another just like a domino effect. It cannot be stopped and will take place swiftly.

Every high place will be brought down and every lofty person will crawl along the dust and ashes of the ground. Oh how the mighty have fallen, their time shortened. Their pain and suffering will be severe, for they will not repent and turn to me. They insist on worshiping their idols and demons. Their hearts are black and they only have hate towards me. They put their fists up to heaven and shout “why God, why do you do this to us?” (Amos 7 v1-9 & Rev 9v1-11). Their hatred will increase and those who have turned to me will be persecuted and killed on account of me. But I will stand with them, they will not be alone, I will hold them in my arms and comfort them. This is why I will shorten their days, for these will be difficult times for all who are left behind (Matt 24 v22). They will hunger for the Word and thirst for the prayers of the saints but they won’t be anywhere to be found. (Amos 8v11-13)

Blessed are those who keep the TRUTH of my Word and stand upon it!

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, don’t think like the world but ask for the mind of Yeshua (Rom 12 v1-2). My thoughts are not your thoughts – they are much higher. Cast off all that hinders you and come to me in prayer, thanksgiving, and intercession for the days are few and the time is now. Believe on me and go forth in my name declaring who I am. Psalm 92.

Lisa Jones (U.K)

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