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A Serious Word Of Warning Concerning Sin – Robert Russo

A Serious Word Of Warning Concerning Sin

Nov 26, 2019 3:16 PM
Robert Russo

Do you remember the story of my people Ananias and his wife Sapphira and there swift and decisive judgment?! Their story is not some obscure incident from my Old Covenant regarding a violation of Mosaic Law. This occurred in my first century church who both were filled with my spirit. This story should be a reminder to you of my deep hatred toward sin and my great concern for the purity and the spiritual condition of my church. This was and is a warning and a lesson to be learned for the rest of my church both then and now. Right away in the church’s infancy, I acted swiftly and decisively dealing with sin to make it clear that sin is an abomination and it was not going to be tolerated. The sudden, dramatic deaths of Ananias and Sapphira served to purify and warn the church as great fear seized the whole church when this event took place.

This is to serve the same purpose for my church of today. So why is my modern day church taking sin lightly and not the slightest bit concerned about it? Have you not learned the very important lesson from this story or are you not even familiar with it? Has my word changed since my first century church that you should take sin lightly and not fear me? Have you become more entitled then they that this does not apply to you? Has your complacency for sin come from listening to the great number of false teachers that have risen up in these last days who have perverted my grace by telling you that sin is not an issue because you’re covered by my grace? Have you been deceived, lulled to sleep and dumb downed by the twisted array of false doctrines that have perverted my love and my holiness? You still continue in sin after receiving my Son as your Lord and Savior and assume I do not mind that you continue in the very thing that sent him to the cross.

Sin is real and very serious but you avoid talking about it and rather talk about my grace. How come you do not understand or have you forgotten the seriousness and dangers of sin and it’s eternal consequences and my deep hatred for it? Is my word not clear in the message it gives that you are to turn away from all sin and take every step necessary to overcome it and keep yourselves pure by staying away from all sinful impurities, and be like my Son in all your conduct? Do you not read, study, meditate and know my word? Do you not seek me continually in prayer for truth? How then will you overcome sin and discern truth from lies in the world and in the church in these last days of perilous times and great deception? Awake from your slumber my people and do not take what my Son has done on the cross and sin lightly. Do you not understand my holiness? As much as I am a loving God I am also a just, righteous, holy, and pure God, and I wholeheartedly despise sin and will not tolerate it. You must do the same and whole heartedly despise it and not tolerate it and not compromise with it. If you love me you will keep my commands and my moral statutes. Do not forget my holiness and do not take it lightly anymore.

Most of my last days church say all is well but that is far from the truth. They are not aware and see the full out attack of the delusion the enemy has launched in these very last days upon the church. Not only do they not see the very end-time events unfolding and what’s coming in order that they ready themselves, but sadly they have dumb downed and downplayed the seriousness of sin and are in grave danger of my divine judgment. Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter into my kingdom.

Do you have ears to hear? Repent of all your sins and get purged while I have given you the opportunity, time, space and my grace. Stop sinning and turn away from it while you still have my mercy because it will not last forever. Now is the time to repent while you still can because you do not know the time of your death or my return and woe to those who say are mine and are still in known sin when that time comes.

Heed this serious warning and be ready at all times my people and have nothing more to do with sin. Also seek me to reveal to you any unknown sin in your life and forsake it. Separate yourselves from sin and the world and prepare yourselves, for you do not know when the time of my mercy will run out on you and those who are still sinners at that time will remain sinners and will be cut off.

Yes It pleased me to send my Son as a sacrifice for your sins but the moment you confess him as your Lord and Savior you must turn from and die to sin and crucify the flesh. Why is this not understood in my church today? I will tell you why! Because you ignore my holiness and idolize my mercy, love, grace and forgiveness. But there is no forgiveness without repentance. My word says to repent and forsake your sins. Many that say are mine they sin and confess, sin and confess but if you keep giving into your sins and repeating them over and over again that is not true genuine repentance. In fact you are still being held in bondage to your sin, and on your way to a fearful expectation of divine judgment. Commit to live for me and stop this cycle of sinful rebellion that you already have been delivered from and have been given power over to rebuke and forsake.

It should be a very sobering reminder to you that wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and many enter by that way, but straight is the way and narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life and only a FEW find it. So why do you continue in sin and keep giving into it knowing this sobering truth and the truth that of Ananias and Sapphira? Have you forgotten these truths or do you not know them? These truths should be convicting and purifying to you, keep you away from sin. You must completely turn from your sins post receiving my Son and I have given you the time, my mercy and my grace, my Spirit and my word and all the resources you need to overcome sin including other Christians to hold you accountable. I’ve given you all things you need to overcome the powers of Satan and his kingdom of darkness.

So why do you still continue in sin after I’ve given you the way out from temptation? If my word says you have died to sin and given you a way to escape when temptation arises why then do you still let sin master over you and keep it alive? Have you guarded your ear and eye gates in order to keep the impurities of the world from coming in and taking over your mind? Have you made good use of all the resources and time I’ve given you and constantly seeking me? Yes it is I who works change in you but if you’re waiting for me to do it without your cooperation and your responsibility I have committed to your charge you are sadly mistaken. You must fill yourself with my Spirit by constantly seeking me and reading, studying and meditating on my word and praying daily and keep away from the things of the world, and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Will this not make it very, very hard to give into sin and increase your faith? Keep away from the sinful impurities of the world and be enveloped in my word and prayer so that you may be cleansed and renewed by it and hide my word in your heart that you do not sin against me.

Refrain from sin and commit to live holy. For you must be holy because I am holy. You must follow my Sons example, WHO DID NO SIN, neither was guile found in His mouth. It is not easy but it is very possible to do so because I’ve given you all you need to follow his example. So those who say it’s impossible have lied to you or have been deceived themselves.

I did not give you my grace as a covering and believe that your fine in your sins. Certainly not! I have given you my grace to empower you to overcome sin and teach you deny and reject all ungodliness and worldly lusts so that you can live godly lives. That is the true meaning of my grace. Many have turned my grace into a license to sin. Also do not have that mindset that it’s impossible to overcome sin because with that mindset and lie you will not overcome it and you must. Furthermore do not have that mindset that if you fall into sin it’s not an issue or no big deal because you can just get yourselves right back up since you’re covered by my grace. No no do not be fooled. Again my grace is not a covering for sin but an empowerment to overcome sin. These are all lies from the enemy that want to keep you in bondage to your sin. These deceptive mindsets lead to a loss of healthy guardedness against sin that you must have to fight it. You must fight against temptation tooth and nail and guard your hearts against any and every sin. In this church age my grace has been perverted and misunderstood. I’ve given you my grace so that you can overcome sin and not fall into it when temptation arises.

So be warned my people and renounce and forsake all sin in your life and go and sin no more! Do not deny the power of the gospel any longer. He who is in you is greater then he who is in the world. Be ready and be as the wise virgins with your lamps trimmed and filled with oil because the time is now to wake up from your slumber. For when I return I am returning for a pure and glorious church not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. For those who overcome I will give to eat from the tree of life which is in the midst of my paradise and make them a pillar in my temple, says the Lord!

Robert Russo Moved By The Holy Spirit



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