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A Secular Perspective on God’s Judgment

July 30, 2021 7:42 PM

I have had a lot of push-back to my warnings to friends that America is at the threshold of God’s judgment. My response is below.

This is not prophecy. This is reality. May God use it to help you see the scope of what is set in place and lead you to Jesus.


July 30, 2021


We are on the doorstep of the events outlined in the book of Revelation. The scope and magnitude of events currently in motion are unprecedented in recorded history. All of this is happening quickly. The following lays out a summary of what is happening now and inevitably coming in the near future. It only looks at events that are happening today and their consequences in the near future. This is not prophesy. This is today’s reality. God is shaking America and the world.

* How we know we are in the end-times
* America’s Cup of Iniquity: Murder, perversion, adultery, false witness, perjury, hatred, theft, pride.
* God’s shaking: famine, financial collapse, terror attacks, blackouts, disease, persecution of Christians, nuclear war.
* Wrap up

Though extensive, this is not a complete list. It focuses on emerging events that are well known and easily verified.

How we know we are in the end-times

Some have objected to the characterization of the following events as “God’s Judgment” or the end-times or both. They say, “There have been droughts, floods, pandemics, riots, and war before. What makes this any different?” The answer is twofold. First, the context. In the past 50 years, America has kicked God out of its schools and government. It has embraced and celebrated abortion, adultery and perversion. This matches the pattern in the scriptures that when the cup of iniquities of a nation is full, God destroys the nation. Second, the scope and convergence of all of these events at one instant in time. Take a once in a millennium drought and pair it with a once in a century pandemic – you have a joint probability of 1/(1,000 x 100) = 1/(100,000) or a once in 100,000 years confluence of events. But it is not just a drought and a pandemic. Several “rare” events are occurring all at one time. That is what happened in Egypt through Moses. This is God’s judgment.

The end-times objection is that bad things have happened in the past. People may have thought that they were living in the end times, but life went on. What is different today? In the past 70 years (less than a generation), several remarkable events have occurred, some which were never imagined possible. Foremost, the Jews returned to Israel. Only in the past 50 years is it possible to envision the events of Revelation as real and assign actual mechanisms to them. What was “sealed up” until the end-times, is now seen as reality. This is supported by other sources. Hopi prophecies from centuries ago describe a series of events leading up to the end – the pouring out of the “gourd of ashes” on Turtle Island. What makes this time different? The signs and patterns align not only with Biblical predictions, but those from completely unrelated sources as well. This supports the claim that we are living on the threshold of the Tribulation.

* Jews return to Israel (1947)
* Gospel is preached to all the world (Matthew 24:14)
* Damascus lies in ruins (Isaiah 17) – the first time in 6,000 years!
* St Malachi and the last pope – Pope Francis is the LAST pope.
* Hopi prophecies leading to the outpouring of the “gourd of ashes” on Turtle Island – all but the last of these prophecies are complete. The last prophecy is nuclear war on American soil.

America’s Cup of Iniquity

Throughout the Bible, God waits until a nation’s cup of iniquities is full, then He promises to destroy that nation. He waits longing that the nation will see its wickedness, repent and turn to Him. When the cup of iniquities is full, God wipes the nation off the earth like wiping a plate. America is a nation at war with God. Daily our leaders pass laws that are the antithesis of God’s law. Our cup of iniquity is filling quickly.

Look at what God promises to His chosen Judah and Jerusalem. King Manasseh worshiped idols and encouraged the people to do so as well. He sacrificed his son to idols (fourth term abortion). He followed his daily horoscope (sorcery and witchcraft). He shed innocent blood (corruption, perjury). He did evil in the sight of the Lord worse than the nations before (perversion). So, God promises: “I am going to bring such disaster on Jerusalem and Judah that the ears of everyone who hears of it will tingle. I will give… them into the hands of enemies.” (II Kings 21:12f). Notice in Zephaniah that God punishes not only the wicked, but “those who are complacent, who are like wine left on its dregs, who think, ‘The Lord will do nothing, either good or bad.’” Look out American! (Zephaniah 1:12)

Murder. Can God bless a nation that celebrates murdering children, even after they are born: Lighting up the world trade center in “pink”, and giving the passage of the law legalizing 4th term (after the baby is born) abortion a standing ovation?

Perversion. Can God bless a nation that celebrates sodomy and perversion: Gay Pride Month?

Adultery. Can God bless a nation that produces 80%-90% of the pornography in the world? Where 77% of adults visit porn sites each month, committing adultery in their hearts (Matthew 5:28f)? Where 20%-40% of the individuals in the nation have actually had adulterous affairs (fornication while married)? Where singles are encouraged through technology (birth control) to fornicate without consequence?

False Witness. Can God bless a nation that has institutionalized false witness against our neighbor through “cancel culture”: Bill Ayers “Tools for Radicals” – freeze them, paint them, attack them, destroy them. Jesus said, anger is equivalent to murder (Matthew 5:21f). False witness is the same as a brutal physical attack (Proverbs 25:18).


Perjury. Can God bless a nation that demands “fact checkers” who care nothing for the truth, but the “narrative” of the highest bidder? Where the facts do not matter, only the “narrative”? (Joe Biden: “I never let the facts get in the way of the truth”)

Hatred. Can God bless a nation that celebrates hatred between people as demanded by Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter?

Theft. Can God bless a nation that celebrates riots and destruction of property for “politically correct” causes? Then condones stealing?

Pride. Can God bless a nation that raises up its fist in pride to God’s face and says, “See, you allowed the Wuhan Virus to spread over the earth, and I man have stopped it!”

No, God’s Judgment comes to such a nation…

God has withdrawn His hand of protection from America. His judgment is upon us. Read the book of Zephaniah (3 chapters as referenced above) to see what God has promised to do to those who oppose Him.

God’s Shakings

Below is what is happening now and the repercussions that are coming soon. Whether you believe we are on the brink of the Great Tribulation (as described in the book of Revelation) or not, the events that are unfolding will cause tremendous pain, suffering and death – in America and the world. The best outcome is that people turn to Jesus and His salvation.


Crop Failures. As a result of the cold spring, farmers in the Midwest lost much of their early crop. The main crop is seeing a number of diseases as a result of heavy rains and lower than normal temperatures. Texas is seeing reduced crop yields due to a combination of the frigid spring and torrential rains. Some areas may take years to recover. Food prices will soar. Grocery shelves will be empty. The poor and elderly will go hungry.

Draught in the West has destroyed the crops and farms in the central valley of California. There will be no greens, nuts, strawberries, or other fruits from many parts of California this year, or possibly for several years in the future. Drought is closing in on Nebraska, the largest beef-producing area of the United States. Water is so scarce in parts of California, that what is left tastes like dirt. Temperatures are breaking all historical records. Forecasters are saying this is a once a millennium (1,000 year) heat wave. Sub Sahara Africa, Northern India, Central Russia, Eastern Europe are all experiencing devastating heat waves. These are the bread-baskets of the world. Crops are failing. Where crops are not failing, they are rotting in the fields due to lack of seasonal workers (England). Famine is coming.



Flooding. Though the focus of news on the floods in Europe has been on loss of life, the real tragedy is that flooding has destroyed crops in the breadbasket of Europe. Later this year, Europe will face famine. China is experiencing deadly floods which will have a negative impact on crop yields and supply chain. A side effect of floods is no electricity, no drinking water, no internet. Lack of clean drinking water will directly lead to disease and death. Europe and China are facing catastrophe.

Locusts (grasshoppers). As a result of the heat, swarms of locusts are forming and threatening the Northwest, particularly Oregon and Montana. This is having a devastating effect on grasslands for cattle. Canada is also suffering from drought and pest infestations. Meat shortages are coming.


Fires. Extended drought in the Western United States has led to massive fires. As temperatures break records and the drought spreads East, there is concern that the grasslands of the Midwest will dry up and burn. This could devastate food and meat production in the United States. Smoke from forest and grass fires can cause or exacerbate heart and lung disease and even cause death.

Coastal flooding. The periodic wobble in the moon’s orbit together with higher sea levels is likely to cause increased coastal flooding over the next decade. Look out Florida and California!

Financial Collapse

Financial crash. The Federal Reserve has been removing liquidity from the markets. The repo (RE-Purchase Options) market is going crazy. Loss of liquidity always leads to a financial crash. This is coming within the next six months. Remember the financial crash of 2008 – that was due to a liquidity crisis. This will be the first of several progressive crashes in the stock and bond markets until the Dollar is dethroned as the world reserve currency and ultimately becomes worthless. Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt. Individuals in retirement and those with fixed incomes will see the value of their savings and income devastated.

Inflation. Eight hundred years of history have shown that when a nation consistently spends more than it earns, inflation occurs. America is at least $27 Trillion in debt with a GDP of $21 Trillion – a ratio of 1.3:1. This is the historical tipping point. Headlines have recently announced that inflation has hit levels not seen in 30 years. Lumber is up 2x from 2 years ago. Gas prices are rising weekly. Famine will drive up food prices. This has already started with several companies planning food price increases later this year. With inflation comes scarcity and starvation. Eventually, this leads to riots, societal and financial collapse. The damage from hundreds of riots over this past year is already having a devastating effect, particularly on the Black community. Societal collapse is on the way.

Homelessness. At the end of July 2021, the eviction moratorium ends. Four to eight million families will face eviction. Over time, 30-40 million are at risk of eviction. This will add to the homelessness, and put downward pressure on housing prices and upward pressure on rental prices. Newer mortgages will go under water. With homelessness comes disease, drugs, and starvation. A sudden increase in homelessness of this magnitude will lead to civil unrest. The rage of the homeless will be flamed by BLM and other protestors leading to mass looting and destruction. Look to South Africa for a model of what is to come… Likely later this summer.

Terror Attacks

Terror Attacks. This year, several terrorists with ties to Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda have been intercepted crossing the US – Mexico border. How many have we missed? Do you think that they are coming to America to settle peacefully and partake of the “American Dream”? No, they are coming to America to destroy it. Furthermore, given the interconnectedness of the world, a terrorist no longer needs to be physically present. The new threat is cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure from the comfort of the terrorist’s home country. Look for more infrastructure attacks, like the Colonial Pipeline attack, causing massive disruption of utilities, healthcare, and supply chains.


Without electricity, refrigerators do not work, public water fails because there is no electricity to pump it, microwave ovens fail, gas stations cannot operate, Electric cars cannot be charged, no ATMs, no Cable TV, no Internet, no cell service. Telephones are dead. Stores are closed. Pharmacies are closed. Hospitals cannot care for patients. Ambulances have no fuel. In an extended blackout many many people will die.

Hydroelectric power. Upstream reservoirs that feed Lake Powel (AZ) will release water dropping levels of Flaming Gorge reservoir by four feet. This is necessary to ensure that Lake Powel can continue to generate electricity through the heatwave and drought in the Western USA. The continuing drought in the West could lead to rolling blackouts through the Western USA and elsewhere as the effects ripple.

Renewable energy. The frozen wind turbines in Texas this winter caused a sudden loss of power to the Texas grid. The Texas power grid was within seconds of crashing. To prevent the crash, grid operator started rolling blackouts. This caused home temperatures to drop. If the grid had crashed, the blackouts could have lasted months. The effect would have been devastating.


Pestilence. Estimates range from 6.3% to 25% of illegals crossing the US-Mexican border have covid-19. Not only those who evade border patrols, but those who are “caught and released” with a court-date are fanning out across the United States. With them comes new variants of the coronavirus. The Lambda variant, which appears to have originated in Peru, is fast becoming dominant through South and Central America (including Northern Mexico). The Lambda variant has traits that allow it to evade the immune system reducing the benefits of prior infection and the vaccines. This means the USA may soon face another coronavirus wave that is more deadly than any in the past. Expect more lock-downs, failed businesses, unemployment, and body bags.

Shelter-in-place (SIP) (lockdowns) may have actually increased the overall death rate rather than reducing it. “We fail to find that SIP (Shelter-in-place) policies saved lives. To the contrary, we find a positive association between SIP policies and excess deaths.” – National Bureau of Economic Research

Vaccine. Unintended consequences of covid vaccines may cause more death and suffering than covid-19. This is already the case in the UK where over the past six months, more people have died of the vaccine than covid-19. The rebuttal is that all of these concerns are unfounded in light of the benefits of the vaccine. We will only know for certain over time.



A red flag that the vaccine is tied to evil is the tremendous opposition to any information that might question the need, efficacy, or side-effects of it. Doctors, researchers, practitioners and journalists are getting banned daily from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for sharing their experiences, concerns, alternative treatments, or even highlighting government supplied data that may raise concerns. It feels like the people of this world are being manipulated and “forced” to take the vaccine – whether they have had covid-19 or not, whether they need it or not, whether they want it or not. This is evil.

The most concerning aspect of the covid vaccines is that portions of the spike protein from the mRNA vaccines are getting integrated into our DNA. The vaccines are changing us. The consequences of this are unknown. If the mRNA animal studies are any indication, the outcome will not be pretty.

Here are some of the documented “unintended” consequences:

1) Spike protein did NOT stay in the muscle as had been anticipated. It circulates through the body

2) Spike protein integrated into DNA

3) Vaccine induced antibodies to the spike protein adhere to platelets in the blood and cause clots – leading to organ failure, paralysis, stroke and death


4) Spike protein passes through the blood-brain barrier and acts as a neuro-toxin. Is there a zombie apocalypse on the way? (See movie, “I am Legend”)

5) Four out of five women in first 6 months (first two trimesters) of pregnancy had spontaneous abortions after receiving the vaccine

Looking toward future vaccines: “It is therefore feasible for today’s “vaccines” to contain self-assembling nanotechnology that interfaces with human biology and is controlled by external broadcasts. This doesn’t prove that such a scenario is happening for certain, but it shows that the tech exists and is feasible.”

More pandemics are coming. Increasingly virulent strains of Covid-19 are emerging (such as the Delta, Lambda or other variants). Other deadly viruses may emerge. Monkey-B virus (70-80% fatality rate), Snake Fungal Virus, Monkey Pox and other “rare” diseases are showing up with frightening regularity – albeit for now in small numbers and rapidly contained. The world is on the razor edge of more deadly pandemics.

Persecution of Christians

In Scotland, legislation has been proposed (though not passed) which would make the Bible illegal. Any book or newspaper that could “stir up hatred” (such as declaring certain actions “sin”) would be banned, regardless of the intent of the document. Persecution of Christians is coming. One pastor of a local American church is implementing a plan to train leaders and move the church out of the building into homes. He believes that over the next 3-5 years, he will be arrested for preaching the Gospel.


China has declared war on India, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. The United States has declared war on Russia. We are on the doorstep of WWIII.

Joe Biden has said that a cyberattack could result in a real shooting war. He further points out that the United States may find itself in direct conflicts with China and Russia.

China. Xi Jinping has told the people of China that “China is on the march.” They are building up their navy and air force. They continue to build the army and equip it with modern weaponry developed and manufactured in China. The United States has no defense against some of China’s “hypersonic” weapons. China is not constrained by nuclear treaties. China is already at war with India to claim territories taken by treaties 100+ years ago. They are making aggressive moves against Taiwan and the Philippines. The United States has taken the stance that China has attacked the US through cyberspace (Microsoft hack). This is seen as an official declaration of war on the United States by China. In the next few years, China will be the world’s dominant military power. China will use that power to conquer as much of the world (including the USA) as they can. Time to learn mandarin.

Taiwan. China has made it clear that Taiwan will become part of China. China has been performing military exercises invading Taiwan airspace and practicing nearby amphibious landings. They have laid out a three-phase battle plan. The US DNI (Defense National Intelligence Agency) has said the China plan would succeed, even with US support of Taiwan. This would give China a choke hold on the world. 31% of all semiconductors in the world are produced in Taiwan. This includes critical components for 5-G (communications), all new automobiles, cell phones, and other consumer electronics. Regardless of the political fall-out, this would force every Western nation to fall in line with China. It would also signal the beginning of World War III.

Japan. China has threatened nuclear attack on Japan if it interferes in any way with China’s invasion of Taiwan. WWIII is about to start.

Russia. Biden accuses Russia of hack-attacks and tells Russia that the USA will retaliate – a declaration of war by the USA against Russia.

Civil war. The political divide has reached a point that certain political figures are calling “to get rid of their political enemies as ‘collateral damage”. Counties in Oregon voted to become part of Idaho. There is a move in California to split it into three states. The Texas National Movement continues to gain traction for Texas leaving the United States. These separatist movements are gaining momentum across the nation. The United States is moving toward Balkanization (dividing into many small “countries”). Civil War is coming. As it does, the United States will be fatally wounded and a ripe target for invasion by China, Russia, and their allies (Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Mexico…)


America and the World are in for tremendous pain and suffering over the next few years. Billions will die. The events unfolding will make men’s hearts fail.

God is shaking the earth, longing that the people would turn to Him and cry out in humility and repentance for His salvation. It will become even more clear in the coming months that the famine, disease and pestilence pummeling the earth is the hand of God seeking to wake you up to His presence. Many will repent and the harvest will be great. Others will harden their hearts and raise their fist against God.

As God has moved your heart through this, and you have come to understand your helplessness against God’s judgment, repent, accept the gift that God gives you through His Son, Jesus Christ, who shows his love for you by making a relationship with God possible. Use the following prayer:

“Jesus Christ, I admit I am a sinner. I need and want Your forgiveness. I accept Your death as the penalty for my sin, and recognize that Your mercy and grace is a gift You offer to me because of Your great love, not based on anything I have done. Cleanse me and make me Your child. By faith I receive You, Jesus into my heart as the Son of God and as Savior and Lord of my life. From now on, help me live for You, with You in control. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen”

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