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A Scathing Rebuke: The Modern Fully Vaccinated Man – Pollox

A Scathing Rebuke: The Modern Fully Vaccinated Man

September 2, 2021 7:21 PM

September 1, 2021

Scriptural Reference: Psalm 28 Verse 3
“Draw me not away together with the wicked: and with the workers of iniquity destroy me not: Who speak peace with their neighbor, but evils are in their hearts.”

A Tech Device in his hand: cell phone, pager, etc., later inside his body, leaving the hands free to do more evil.

No Hair: a zombie robot doesn’t need hair, later in hell its all burned off anyways. Echo of the concentration camps of WWII or the military, cause now he’s in satan’s army.

Tight Clothes: later none or little at all. The elite occult adepts have always maintained, mankind will return to his primordial animal state (i.e. the nude ape). The better to entice a sexual encounter.

The Eyes: a furtive look is a must, you don’t want to appear weak or become a victim of someone else.

Move Fast: maintain forward drive, look like you are in total control. Drive Fast, get outta my way, your in my personal space. Erect posture. I’m in control.

Aggressive Speech: make it loud, hegemony is a must, first of the line, leader of the pack, not to be messed with, show teeth as much as possible and add piercing eyes for the strongest effect. When you laugh, open your jaws real wide, like a shark with glaring eyes.

Hands: don’t make any relaxed gestures, strong pointed index finger is a great occult spell control gesture, or, the satanic salute/horns signal are best. Keep your hands in a tight fist: ancient symbol read by all humanity on a less than cerebral level.

Face: masked on lower-half, doesn’t give any indication if you really are 100% human, nor any thought, emotion or nuance. Black Black Sunglasses optional but good for intimidation and again cuts off any clues to observer what your intentions might be or what you’re thinking, or if you’re still totally humanoid.

Cosmetics: scars, tattoos, brandings, pirate earrings, war paint optional, all good!

WARNING: We will be calling you up for duty by flipping the “ON” switch soon so get ready for action.

NOTE: Always carry a concealed weapon!

“O ho ye younger gods, bleak and barren, blasting, withering up the earth, mildew on bud and birth aborative” I heard when I finished receiving this word. (excerpt from an ancient Greek play. Euripides?)


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