Jeremiah Johnson

“In several of the books I have authored, I have written in depth concerning the three different visitations I have received from Jesus Christ. Each encounter was terrifying, breathtaking, and life changing. As of result of these visitations, I have defined the true fear of the Lord as beholding pure beauty that makes you tremble.

Last night in a prophetic dream, he appeared to me again… but as I drew closer, I instantly realized it was not him… it was an imposter.

I grabbed him by the throat and said, “Who are you?” With dazzling eyes and a type of glaring seduction that I will never forget, he said, “I’m another Jesus”. I immediately let him go and he began to laugh… a bone chilling laugh that went through my spine.

For some reason, I began demanding what his marching orders were. Where was he going and why?

With anger he said, “I can only go where I’m welcome and not where I please because the Son of Man has restrained me.”

I said, “Who would ever welcome you into their midst?” He began to laugh again… a deep belly laugh and said, “I’m currently making my way all over the West Coast. Many of the churches there love me. They also love me in the lecture halls of America in the East where they openly debate theology. And most of all, I am readily welcome on many worship teams in America. They just love for me to write the songs and lead the people in worship.”

Immediately he vanished and I sat up in my bed.

I’m still processing, but I believe it is time for many of us, though it might be difficult, to start coming to grips with the truth that there could be another Jesus writing many worship songs in America, there is another Jesus walking in our lecture halls at Christian and liberal universities debating theology, and this false Christ is infiltrating West Coast churches like never before and he won’t stop until he is exposed, resisted, and cast out.

Remember, this “another Jesus” and spirit CAN ONLY GO where it is WELCOME! The Son of Man has restrained him and he will not enter into places who know and worship the true Jesus of Nazareth! (See the Scripture below)”

-Jeremiah Johnson

2 Corinthians 11:4

“For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.”

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  1. AnnMarie Peterlin

    Wow!!! AMEN!

  2. Birdee

    Jeremiah, thank you for sharing this word….
    Yes, the hallmark of a place where the real Jesus is honored is this
    My house is the house of prayer Isaiah 56:7, Matt. 21:13, Mark 11:17, Luke 19:46
    If the same scripture is repeated 4 times, we should heed, yes!
    I think also there is a holy aroma of what pleases God and what doesn’t
    See Psalm 51:17 to what pleases our Holy God… and unrepentance and pride, stinks in His nostrils I do believe…

  3. Carol Mattingly

    Yes, this really makes sense to me. I lived in Israel years ago and when I came back here I couldn’t believe that many Christians were worshiping the same Yeshua that I knew over there. The Rock Concert type worship didn’t make any sense to me with smoke and strobe lights. The songs they sang didn’t make sense as we only sang psalms from the Bible. Now of course, I understand that this is a false type of Jesus that I really stay away from and these type of people too. Several years ago my husband and I were invited to teach at a church from Tanakh (Old Testament) and we started in Genesis. We got as far as Exodus when we were invited to leave as people were “getting bored by it.” So sad. We now have Shabbat here at home and those who want to come join us are always welcome. We will not go back to a church anymore.

  4. J.B

    This happened to me so a few months ago I was praying to God it was a beautiful time when He and I have a good conversation when suddenly a false Christ showed up so I look his eyes and are evil. I realized that its a fallen angel. I sense fear so we have to be very careful.

  5. Landon

    What theology brings along a false christ? And what kind of worship songs bring a false christ?

  6. Scoopie

    Jeremiah is one of the few well known prophets who is consistent, and knows that holiness is key.

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