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December 15, 2023 4:53 PM

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Dear brothers and sisters,

On the night of Nov.18/2023, while praying, the Holy Spirit released upon me a strong Rhema. It came accompanied by this horrific impression. The scene that played in my mind went like this. There in the open, stood a white rich man with 2 of his black slaves, a male and a female. The male slave was asked, by his white owner, to beat the female slave. At first, the black man hesitated. But after briefly contemplating what the outcome of his disobedience would cost him, he began to beat his fellow slave. The white owner watched the beating but was not satisfied. So, he grabbed the whip off his hand and proceeded to mercifully beat that poor woman, past all her screams, until her back was torn…shredded.

Here is the Rhema:
Plead, plead you shall. In the same manner I have been pleading with you. But I will not hear you. My face will be turned away from you. I will not hear you the first time, nor the second time. You will continue to plead in pain and great distress until you will come to the end of yourself, the end of your strength and you will think all is lost. Only then, if you’ll continue to plead and call upon my Name, to humble yourself, shall I hear from heaven and save you.

For the next couple of weeks, whenever the Holy Spirit would remind me of this Rhema I would pray over it and ask who it was for, if He would grant me more understanding.

On Dec.8/2023, the Holy Spirit brought me to Jer.7. And this is when this revelation was opened to me. The rest of this Word and Rhemas were given to me on Dec.8/2023. Please pray over this message and ask the Holy Spirit to break it down so you can understand how it may pertain to you.

Jer.7:16, 9-11 Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee. 9 Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not; 10 And come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations? 11 Is this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, even I have seen it, saith the Lord.

As soon as I read this, the Holy Spirit called my attention to the above Rhema from Nov.18th and laid upon my heart that there are people who believe, that because of their affiliations with certain churches or denominations, that they think they are safe from His wrath and judgments. But these same people steal, murder (with their words), chase after other gods, commit perjury AND then come and stand before Him. Yah is no longer receiving prayers from and for these individuals.
These people offer sacrifices to pagan gods, celebrate their feasts, thus causing Yah’s anger to rise. Yah said that He will rain down His wrath on them.

My people were asked to obey me, to walk in ALL my ways that I may be their Elohim. Instead, they have chased, and persist on chasing, other wordly affections. What will a righteous God do!?

My friends, the prophets have been scoffed and mocked just like the prophets of old. Nothing has changed. I was ignored then and I am being ignored now. I am angry for the idols you have erected in the home that should bear my Name and you have let your children be offered to Molech, yes Molech. Do you not see how many little ones are left on electronic gadgets and TV for hours, to be taught by my enemy, Satan? You pray to me to bless you with little ones but as soon as they’re old enough to be seated in front of TV’s and phones, you abrogate your responsibilities as parents by handing them over to Satan, to the Beast System. These devices are propaganda machines that are shaping the new generation and have shaped this generation of youth. You will not fail from reaping your reward. Then you wonder why children nowadays are more violent, disobedient. The apple does not fall far from the tree! Like father, like son. Like mother, like daughter. Monkey see, monkey do. A little yeast is all that’s needed to contaminate an entire batch of dough.

Do you see how my people are so adamant to go out, organize their guests lists, buying gifts and decorating this time of year? How many times have I said that all this is a chasing after the wind and after Satan. I have not commanded this.
You think you can tune in on your channels and get the news around the world, offer your pathetic sympathies and consider yourselves blessed that it’s not you, because you claim to know me. If that is so, why do you not do what I say? Why is my speech so hard for you to understand? Why do you continue in your rebellion, the same way your forefathers forsook me in the desert after seeing all the miracles I performed for them in Egypt? Why do you insist on bowing to other gods instead of me, the One True Elohim?

Confirmation Scripture:
Ezekiel 16:15-21, 30 But thou didst trust in thine own beauty, and playedst the harlot because of thy renown, and pouredst out thy fornications on every one that passed by; his it was. 16 And of thy garments thou didst take, and deckedst thy high places with divers colours, and playedst the harlot thereupon: the like things shall not come, neither shall it be so. 17 Thou hast also taken thy fair jewels of my gold and of my silver, which I had given thee, and madest to thyself images of men, and didst commit whoredom with them, 18 And tookest thy broidered garments, and coveredst them: and thou hast set mine oil and mine incense before them. 19 My meat also which I gave thee, fine flour, and oil, and honey, wherewith I fed thee, thou hast even set it before them for a sweet savour: and thus it was, saith the Lord God. 20 Moreover thou hast taken thy sons and thy daughters, whom thou hast borne unto me, and these hast thou sacrificed unto them to be devoured. Is this of thy whoredoms a small matter, 21 That thou hast slain my children, and delivered them to cause them to pass through the fire for them? 30 How weak is thine heart, saith the Lord God, seeing thou doest all these things, the work of an imperious whorish woman.

For this reason I have withdrawn my hand from you, so that you will live in your own delusion. Do not cry to me when calamities strike near home, when, whatever you now see in the news and may seem far from your reality, hits you close and dear. I guarantee you, my judgments will not delay…it won’t be long before that reality becomes yours. Did I ask you to build me an Ark? Why are you still busy handing me your excuses? I desire obedience over sacrifice.

Gather around and hear the counsel of your Father, to flee from the adulterous woman. You thought I meant it in a physical context, and that is true. But there is more, much more. Its meaning is much deeper. When I say to flee from the adulterous woman, I am also referring to my people, those who are called by My Name, to not prostitute themselves with other gods and idols. Do you understand? If I am your BrideGroom and you are my Beloved, than where should your place be, if not in my sole embrace? That is why I often invite you to come and commune with me, that you and I may be one – one in Spirit, one in mind- the same way I am one with the Father. I desire to wash you with each and every Word that proceedeth from my mouth, that the same Word becomes in you an eternal spring of living water. And in the same way, that you’d go out and also wash others. My Words do not condemn but bring life to those who have ears to hear what my Spirit says. It is important that you yield to His movements within you and that you do not grieve Him. Otherwise, how could I lead you into all my truths and all my ways everlasting? I tell you the truth, cling to my Word and do not let go for it is life to those who abide in it. Do not fear the world, for it has no power over you. I have already overcome it for you, my love. Just abide in me, in my love. Rest under my wings for a little while. I have spread the corner of my garment over you. Refresh yourself at my feet. Stay for a while.

Please read and study all of Ezekiel 16 and Proverbs 5.

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