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A Parting Of The Ways – Pollox / miezekieze

A Parting Of The Ways

July 4, 2021

Scriptural References:
1. Romans Chapter 10 Verse 21 (partial)
“… All the day long I stretched out my hand to a people unbelieving and contradicting.”
2. Isaiah Chapter 65 Verse 2
I have spread forth my hands all the day to an unbelieving people, who walk in a way that is not good after their own thoughts.”

The great separation has begun. I AM parted the Red Sea, so the Children of God could press through into a promised land. It is happening again. I AM separating the sheep from the goats now, the wheat from the tares.

Stay away from those that have taken the vaccines and booster shots, for not only will/do they shed, they are being taken over by their master, the evil one. Even now they are being slowly claimed, incrementally turned into their final state.

What is it that you incredulous people can not accept? That you trusted governments, medical practitioners and scientists, who have enacted the most diabolical laws in history, does not make you even wince, let along protest. That you believed they would have your best interests at heart, in the dissemination of these poison darts? A rotten tree eventually falls over dead, but if you look at the leaves, the bark, the trunk, the fruit you can see the signs.

All those who think that they are right with me, are under a siege of satanic attacks mentally, physically, spiritually. The divide will widen more and more. The transforming ones are headed to the Lake of Fire, but their hate towards those in the Book of Life will cause them to rage and foam at the mouth. Watch as they change into monstrous forms of their master the snake king. Watch as they become less and less human and more and more filled with madness. You trusted your governments and health care industry, your corporations, that are slaves to the evil one. Men and women who are the vultures of Hell: ambition, greed, lust for power and wealth, formed over the course of their careers into slaves of satan. Ruthless liars, they consider you worthless cattle, to be eaten murdered, destroyed, sold, traded, obliterated from the earth.

Oh but the vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast,” you say. Too Late The Cat Has Swallowed The Bird! Those that will truly Repent of taking the Spiritual Mark, which what is the vaccine is, will be few. For the phalanx of satan is already on the march. Your blood, DNA has already been forever altered. You must suffer the physical results of your own free will choice, regardless if you Repent now.

No One Gets A Free Pass When You Fornicate With The Evil One!

Like sheep to the slaughter, you have proceeded with your on thoughts, down a road that is terminal. Every second, every minute that you who have taken the vaccine and booster shots do not wake-up and Repent on your knees, moves you closer to a monstrous death here and in eternity.


For My True Children:
– Keep Your Eyes On The Prize: The Era Of Peace & Heaven.
– It Is Going To Get Rough.
– If You Keep Your Eyes On Jesus It Will Pass Like A Dream.
– It Is Going To Get Dark (the land & the people).
– The Great Deception Is Now.
– Pray, Pray, Pray.
– Repent, Repent, Repent.
– Listen To The Voice Of The Holy Spirit.
– Fast If You Are Able.


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