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A Parable And A Poem – Edward Umling

A Parable And A Poem

February 6 2021
Edward Umling
Words of Knowledge

• Plume of smoke – volcano
• Magnetic plates – reversal
• Sudden disasters
• Shaking of immense proportions about to take place – Southwest
• Tidal wave
• Rumbling in the distance

The LORD says take note of the signs of changes in government as He begins to turn this government downward soon. I the LORD bring low one and exalt another. I the LORD do these things.

• Voices of opposition are going to begin to rise up higher
• A black man will rise
• Division
• Stronghold broken
• Insurrection
• Betrayal
• Asphyxiation – none will believe
• Perplexity
• Seemingly no way out
• Easement

The Lord would say. My son see this picture. Behold what I do in your day. I divide father against son, mother against daughter. Can you tell me who a man’s foes will be now?
• Brother against brother

A Parable

I went to go fishing: As I sit by the river bank; I thought, I will change my bait on the line to a lure and perhaps that will draw the fish to me. The fish were indeed attracted to the lure. For thus sayith the LORD I now pull down those that have lured my people and attracted them with persuasive words and false doctrine. I will free my people from the snare set by the enemy says the LORD

A Poem

God is King and Jesus his Son. Who can say thus it is done. See how I move I sweep from the east Danger and calamity for all to see. Upon the walls over the top here it comes nice and tall. The lights go dim; see from within here you are come from afar. Many will mock and say how cute little do they know I smite what they do. closing

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