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A Note from Glynda …

Jan 5, 2020
Glynda Lomax

In light of the escalating tensions with Iran…I want to share with you all that the Lord let me know some time ago that President Trump is not only His choice for our President right now, but what his purpose is. I was shown he is the “Judgment Magnet” that will draw God’s judgment to the U.S.  I believe what is happening right now is part of God’swill for America that He asked High Place Warriors to help pray in. He told us it would not all be good, but that it is still His will.

So many people who don’t understand why President Trump is in that office criticize every move he makes, call him names, etc. but the truth is, he is doing exactly what the Lord placed him there to do.

The Lord told us war was coming more than once through prophetic words over the past several years, and we also got one word about communism in America.

We may or may not be entering the war He has warned us about, but either way, if you read the words He has given us on the subject, you will realize that those who walk closely with Him have nothing to be afraid of. We will all walk through some perilous times in this, and likely also grief, as He is calling so many home right now, but I want to encourage you that He has in  His mercy told us of these things ahead of time and given us many details, plus told us how to prepare.

I hope you will take time to read over the prophetic words linked below because He really told us a lot in them and you will get a strong feel for what is coming by the sum of all of them.
















Jesus bless you and keep you all safe. Stay close to Him – at some point we will no longer be able to communicate like this. When we no longer can, know that I am still praying for you and your families, and I will (hope to) see you when our work here is done and we all meet again on the other side.

For the King and the Kingdom,


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