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A New Power – Caroline Diadem

A New Power

October 20, 2020
Caroline Diadem

Auto Generated Transcript

hi guys and this
message i just got a short one here that
i just want to share and i got this
on the 16th of october i got it in the
middle of the night
and um so i just go straight into it so
it was based
on revelations 11 and
verse 18. so i want to read that first
then i want to give you the message okay
so it says here and the nations were
and thy wrath is come and the time of
the dead that they should be judged
and that thou should give reward unto
thy servants the prophets
and to the saints and them that fear thy
small and great and should destroy them
which destroyed the earth that is the
scripture that was given and then i just
got i just
got this from the lord okay the earth is
a sign of end times riots
wars unrest and chaos
outbreaks alliances of peace
broken agreements and no loyalty
to keep them hardship brutality
extortion the elite the wealth class
a different type of slavery
poverty and hopelessness
see in the spirit my children watch men
be waiting
be watching sorry cry out and speak out
to warn
you are my candles to the earth in these
in this dark season you are my moses
that gives direction in the darkness
in these dark times infiltration
looting mindlessness
these people with the cha the chip will
be zombies
will be like zombies and run for cover
so the stage is set the puppets are
ready to spring forth
a mighty deception they act like they’ve
always been in charge
smooth talkers it’s a lie they are
they are antichrist and with them with
their antichrist
agenda keep low my people
a deception comes they attempt to
outsmart you
but i have exposed what’s happening
through my true prophets
be amazed be startled at
the audacity it’s coming
it will rock you their corrupt agenda
their evil tyrants make no mistake
my judgments come to smite at their
wickedness and evil corruption
they think the world belongs to them
well i will show them prepare for babel
watch my hand smite them and cause their
to tremble before me
i hate wickedness and evil the poor
shall suffer
the weak shall suffer they will show no
get ready for a big class shift
a steep shift between rich and poor
it was their plan it is a shift of
power and with it cruelty comes
murderous cruelty
they abandoned they abandon their
for power sold out to satan
illegitimate power see how they craftily
obtained illegitimate power
a crooked stick cannot support
a man and neither can a crooked
illegitimate government support a nation
now i was seeing obama all over this
right um his charming speeches
confidence charming orator
don’t be swept away by his deception
keep low and that was the word
i received from the holy spirit
so saints we know what’s happening
those of us who are awake who are
listening to the lord who listen to the
true prophets of god
um have been alerted to what’s going on
you know
um yeah so pray about that
do believe that’s from the holy spirit
and i’ll speak to you when the lord
gives me
gives me more words god bless you all
stay safe bye


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