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A New Leader Will Emerge

February 9, 2024 1:58 PM
Sammy Omosh
Psalm 147:15 He sends out his command to the Earth; his word runs swiftly. 

Isaiah21:6 For thus the Lord said to me;Go set a watchman; let him announce what he sees. 

Job34:24He shatters the mighty without investigation and sets others in their place. 

Luke1:37 With God, nothing is impossible. 

This word is basically for the future incoming King and for God,s people in my nation to pray for God’s will to be done.

On 6th February 2024 I woke up at 4:35am from a dream vision in which I found myself in one of the rooms in State house(The official residence and working office of the sitting leader.)I was with three other people,and one of them was a student in college and was involved in academic pursuit as he was studying on his desk.

While we were talking,we glanced into the adacent room and we saw a person (his identity was veiled) showing himself available for a vacant position,by presenting his papers.The door to our room suddenly opened and the leader of the Nation stood at the door and beckoned me to come over where he was standing.i was hesitant abit to go right away because I wasn’t sure if it was me So he sat down in the waiting Bay area waiting for me to go towards him.The guys I was conversing with told me to go because the President wants to speak to me.i summ ones enough courage to Walk over the door way towards the waiting Bay,and on reaching the point,he stood up and we looked at each other in the face.

This is what the President said to me(The words were spoken in the first person grammatically,and I was given awareness this is what he will speak on that day to the next incoming leader.) “I WANT YOU TO PREPARE FOR THE MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP, THE PRESIDENCY”.No sooner had he uttered these words to me,than he left in a hurry.I stood there baffled as I was consuming the unbelievable words, coursing through my mind!The four of us on seeing the veiled leader,knew him to be a former Lecturer in the Academic world in a learning institution in my country.He lectured in the school of Engineering in the 70,s upon returning from Germany.

i also knew the next leader will assume office without Elections (you ask how is this possible constitutiona lly?)it will be through the mghty hand of God It is the will of Ancient of days,to bring this leader to the forefront in the days ahead.The current leader will be in a catch 22 situation (caught between a rock and a hard place so to speak) necessitating the handing over of the button, everything being orchestrated by Adonai himself .

in 2021 I wrote -the two R,s will follow each other in succession and without elections.The incoming leader in the past has made five attempts to capture this seat without success .Hence your opponent is regard you as a ‘political failure’.Your supporters and opponents will be surprised in equal measure and this event will be a shock to them, because many don,t see this coming! To say the least,on waking up from that vision,I heard audibly in my spirit “Abdicate”.

On 7th February 2024 in the afternoon hours I kept hearing in my spirit “Relinquish”.I spoke that word audibly and loudly while I was alone.

On 9th February 2024 I prayed about this message that I had been given.On waking up at 5.30 am I heard the following word-“Recompense”. To the future incoming leader-Your moment has come and is within 2024,I don’t know the exact time, date and month.

Prepare means start getting your act together.Start compi ling the list of your appointees to various government positions, being an engineer, you have always desired to bring in new infrastructures,hence start designing the drawings,estimating your projects etc.Work out on the things you have always wanted to do by way of planning on a monthly basis, till this vision come to pass Have a plan to fix a battered Economy and when the time comes for your Enthronement you will simply hit the ground and execute your vision for the country.The Lord himself will make a way for you to get this important message,I have done my part to be used as a messenger

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