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A NEW KIND OF DARK AGES – Amanda White / 123creativecom


February 25, 2021 3:44 PM
Amanda White

Word from the Lord | 2.20.21 at 7:16 PM | Joshua 4:23-24

As America falls to a new low and citizens grow weary of these conditions, remind my children I will part the Red Sea for them to get through this storm, this depression, this spiritual war- without harm from the enemy. For this I say to you, my daughter, the people who truly believe in me and fear only me- not man who is nothing compared to the King of the Angel Armies- will be able to cross the Jordan (River). For I will dry it up just in time (for my children) to safely pass through during the upcoming destruction.

Those who do not know me, my child, I ask you with urgency to spread the word of my goodness and harvest as many souls for my glory. My children, my creations, must come back to me before all is lost- for nothing will be the same.

Times are changing drastically, my daughter, and America will not be recognizable compared to a decade ago- or even last year. Haven’t you already seen the signs, my daughter? These are a new kind of dark ages, for the darkness that has been hiding in plain sight will be exposed for the world to view. See the truth hiding just below the surface of the atmosphere, like a mirage in the desert deflecting imagery so you do not witness sin at its greatest utter betrayal to my Kingdom in Heaven. I AM will expose them, you’ll see. My time is not your time, remember that. Hide away in me, take up your bible in spiritual warfare. My Angels and I will do the rest.

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