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A New Change is Coming

November 21, 2022 3:10 PM

On 11.19.22 I heard in my spirit the name ‘Biden’. I received the following word shortly after.

King – As regards the bible, a King is seen as a sovereign; a prince; a ruler. I believe the king referenced here is Joe Biden President of the United States.

The King will fall soon

His time has come

End of an Era

New Beginnings

Hope will rise up for a season

Use this time wisely

Bring in the lost sheep

Let My Kingdom flourish

A New Change is Coming

Get Ready! Get ready! Get ready!

Change is coming

Prepare your hearts

Prepare your abodes

Prepare your family for what is coming

This is one of many warnings given by the Holy Spirit to prepare for the changes that are coming. Time wise it appears we are close to the “End of an Era” and that President Joe Biden’s reign will end soon⊇. Note we are also given a short period or window of grace as “Hope will rise up for a season” alludes to. During this interim phase may we “Use this time (we are given) wisely”.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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