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A Message On Isaiah Chapter 14 From God The Father Almighty – Only a Grain of Sand

A Message On Isaiah Chapter 14 From God The Father Almighty
May 19, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

Many of my people have placed their faith in the king of Babylon. His standard and throne has been raised very high, but will now fall. Those standing around his throne are wicked men, whose hearts are filled with the coiled snake. The king of Babylon, has taken counsel, with those that will rend the nation, and devour many people, taking as many as possible, to the pit of hell with them; they that are aligned with the snake king himself.

Isaiah Chapter 14 Verse 12
“How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning, how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations.”

Note from my Bible Edition:
“O Lucifer. O day star. All this according to the letter, is spoken of the king of Babylon. It may also be applied, in a spiritual sense, to Lucifer, the prince of devils, who was created a bright angel, but fell by pride and rebellion against God.”

Notes from Only A Grain Of Sand inspired by the Holy Spirit:
1. Read the whole Chapter 14 very carefully, and ask the Holy Spirit for his clarification on this analogy. The past answers for the future.
2. The king of Babylon has fornicated with satan, and shall shortly be removed. Pride and rebellion is his downfall. His fall will be sudden and a horror. It can no longer be mitigated by prayer or fasting, for he has abandoned the Lord God for the snake king.
3. Isaiah Chapter 14 Verse 1:
“Her time is near at hand, and her day shall not be prolonged.”
This directly refers to Babylon itself; the nation of America and her demise.

Message From God The Father:
I have shown to various of my prophets, that the entity that was lucifer, and is now called satan or, the snake king, is aware of his imminent defeat. He has counseled with his own leadership, his legion of followers in hell, over their attempt to destroy as many of the children of God as possible now, telling them that even though they may not win in the end, the battle will garner them many souls, of the sons & daughters of Adam & Eve.

The slaves of satan among those born in this world, as human beings, have been fooled completely. For they have been told by the snake king, that they will have a triumphant victory over God and His faithful children. These are the Philistines mentioned in the latter part of Isaiah’s Chapter 14. Ponder on this…

The Philistines practiced cannibalism, homosexuality, ritually sacrificed their own children, worshiped gold, silver and, mammon, idols, false gods, and spread their evil ways across their trade routes, to all the world. They are the progenitors and formulators of the beast system. Those hidden behind the rending of My Church, the Body of Christ in the split between the Latin and Eastern Churches, the so-called Protestant Reformation, and the further splintering of the various denominations, into the myriad strands, that has divided the Christians, to dissolve the Church by dissimulation and treachery.

It will not stand. I AM will gather all My children, into one only family, soon.

The king of Babylon, will be removed now. Babylon America, will be destroyed. Philistia, the OWL One World League, or beast system, I AM will destroy, after its standard is raised high, and its false god, the anti-Christ, has taken his throne from hell.

Fear Not! Be at peace, My children. All is in My Hand, My Plan, My Will. It will pass like a dream for all those who stay focused on Me alone.

I AM God The Father Who Loves You

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