A Memento of Identity – Cody Roberts

A Memento of Identity

Aug 10, 2019 at 12:08 PM
Cody Roberts


Don’t you know who you are?

A child of the one who created the sun, moon, and stars.

Don’t you know where you reside?

It is in me that you abide.

The Great I AM is to whom next you sit.

The very one who pours out His spirit.

You are seated in Heavenly places.

Above the stars in wide open spaces.

From My right hand, you rule and judge rightly.

I gave you dominion, do not take this lightly!

Remember your purpose for being in this place.

Do not get weary while enduring the race.

I have called you to lead and raise my righteous standard.

Instead, you wait and conform while My name is slandered.

NOW is the time to come out in the open.

To tell of the one you place all of your hope in.

Come forward! Come out from hiding!

It is time To reveal in whom you have been abiding.

Reveal My truth. Counter these lies!

Free their minds and open their eyes.

Advise them to repent and return to me.

Tell them purity and holiness are the key.

I know what’s coming, I see their fate!

Return to your first love, before it’s too late.

CR~HS at 12:08 PM

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