A Last Call – Anonymous

A Last Call

August 17, 2023 9:31 AM

August 15-16, 2023

For the spiritually mature, sober, and Christ-hearted, a word.

For the many falling short of my Glory, with emphasis on the prideful,

You are self-assured of your salvation.

You are self-assured of your interpretation of my Word.

You are self-assured that you will be exempt from tribulation.

You are highly mistaken.

You are wayward, religious, and deluded.

Tribulation is necessary to make you holy.

It will bring you to repentance, or you will be lost.

If you are sure of your place within My Kingdom, pray and travail for the majority who are not.


My Work at the cross is not a license to sin.

I do not cover your sins in the way that you understand.

I am not your friend.

I am your Lord and Savior.

You conform to My Will and My Word.

Not the other way around.


Belief is insufficient.

You must walk the path of Christ.

Most will come up short.

Genuine, sincere repentance will make a way for you.


People Get Ready

I am at the door, and still, you are not ready.

You are being distracted by the world and those who claim to hear from me.


Cult Of Personality

I know not the majority of prophets who tickle your ears.

You who continue your vain imaginations of me, speaking of me irreverently, act disgracefully.

I have used you to sort my self-professed church.

I can and will use all to test hearts.

Your reward will be in the hereafter.

You testify not of me.



Those I have anointed and appointed will teach righteousness, repentance, and salvation.

They will preach and testify my truth.

They will point you to salvation. They will point you to me.

They are peaceful, loving, and uniquely equipped.

They will not glorify themselves. All Glory belongs to me.

My hidden remnant will bear excellent fruit.

My hidden ones have submitted to the convicting Work of the Holy Spirit.

Scarcely surviving. The proving ground grants spiritual authority to the overcomers.

They are aware of their imperfections.

Do not idolize them or anyone.

Heed their messages.


The Old Landmark

Have you not read your Bible?

Read your Bible, and ask me to help with your understanding.

You must be diligent. I come not necessarily the first, second, third, or tenth time.

Your seeking has to be true and steadfast.

Your Bibles have mistranslations. Some, purposely.

Prudently seek my Word and a personal relationship with me so you are not so easily preyed upon.

The enemy siphons you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and materially.

Ignorance is a stumbling block.

Pride is a stumbling block.

Your salvation is at stake.

Where you will reside eternally is at stake.



Most are so wayward that intersession is nearly irrelevant because of iniquity.

Evil is being called good, and good is being called evil.

Reality and truth are blurred and suppressed.

The righteous have not occupied, and the enemy has prospered.

These are the times that you live in.

Many are none the wiser.

These are spiritual concepts. Do not misconstrue.


Hava Nagila 

Revival will come when there is true awakening and true repentance in my church.


When The Saints Go Marching In

My hidden ones will pray for you.

The prayers of the righteous availeth much; they will not necessarily circumvent My Will.

I see those who do machinations against the manifestation of my hidden ones.

My hidden ones arise because their light has come.

They are called for such a time as this.

Creation groans for their revealing.

A prophecy of old coming into fruition in the here and now, and none can stand against My Will or My Word.


Love…Thy Will Be Done

The invitations have gone out.

This message, and others like it, are a last call.

Your heart condition will inform your recognition, acceptance, or forfeiture of the invitation.


The Man Comes Around

You will wish not for the Day of the Lord.

Have you not seen the opening of the Ark scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark?

That is what it will be like—the Lord’s vengeance.

I am a consuming fire.

May you develop a healthy fear of the Lord.


Holly Holy

You have an advocate willing to intercede.

Will you shun this divine mercy?

I will be the judge and jury of your receptivity.


Requiem or Wedding Mass

Natural (and unnatural) disasters and sufferings are due to the collective resistance to my light and love.

That is, your collective state of sin and unrepentance.

I will have a Body that is holy, pure, and righteous.

I am holy. You must be holy to fellowship with me in eternity.


It’s The End Of The World As (You) Know It

You have been in the eye of the storm. Prepare for the backlash that will befall the world.

Grace period has ended.

Your only hope lies with me. I am the Life.

Your odds improve with unadulterated repentance.

I Am the way, the truth, and the light.

I Am a still, small voice. I Am gentle and loving. I will encourage you and make a way for you.

For this grace, you must be humble and contrite. You must love me and my truth. I will extend my hedge of protection to those abiding in me.


Mission Impossible

I am a just Father and will pour my love and correction onto all.

I created you so that I may fellowship with you.

My creation has rules, and they are for your highest good.

My commandments will refine, mature, and bring you into holiness.

There is freedom in obedience.

Revere and respect my creation and the miracles that abound before you.

Take nothing for granted.

Practice gratitude for all things at all times.

As you do unto the least, you do unto me.

There are angels in disguise. I disguise myself in creation. That which you think least of and use and abuse, I am in it.

I will look like nothing of consequence or significance to you.

Do not be mistaken; you will partake of the suffering you inflict on any other being, knowingly or unknowingly. Without repentance, it will be an eternal loop of hellfire.

My ways are higher than yours, and these times may be difficult for you to comprehend or navigate.

Seek me. I will instruct you. What may be an instruction for one may not apply to another. Watch the news and discern this.


King Without A Crown

Lovingly, I convict you of idolization. Repent of this. Prophets, politicians, celebrities, and the like should not be given the attention or offensive zeal displayed in these times.

No matter the wealth or seeming power, none are sovereign.

Your vanity, selfies, phones, and devices are idols.


Keep Your Wicks Trimmed and Burning

Spend personal time with me instead of Netflix or your distraction of choice.

The entertainment industry presents truth in veiled form. However, it is inverted, presented in part, or made perverse in one way or another. You must walk in tandem with me for the revelation of these truths.

Otherwise, morbid entrainment is fast at work.

Learn to fast from the world. Seek me, and I will counsel you.


I Walk The Line

You must be spiritually circumcised to hear clearly from me.

You must forgive.

You must have a clean heart to allow my presence and wisdom to abide within your temple.

Wisdom resides in the heart.

I know there are tears, fears, pain, trauma, and festering wounds.

I partake in your suffering.

Seek me in prayer, and allow me to counsel you.


Didn’t It Rain

What is the one unforgivable sin?

Keep this in mind as you read or hear these words.

I witness to all.

The fruits of the spirit are revealing themselves in all.

The falling away is well underway.


Love On The Rocks 

You claim to love me. You call out to me in your time of need but do not truly love me or my truth.

A part-time lover, I am not. Do not bother.

I chastise those I love.

Ask not what your Father can do for you but what you can do for your Father.


This Train 

May these words edify and encourage you.

There is hope. There is always hope. Seek after me, and do not give up.

Be sober. Be patient. Be kind. Be a living, breathing example of my love, mercy, and charity.

If you have made it this far, I see you. Many fell away earlier.


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