A Jesus Joke – Ruth Johnson


A Jesus Joke

September 5, 2021 9:17 PM
Ruth Johnson

I recall a joke
I heard long ago
About a drunk who came to a river
And stumbled upon a ceremony.
A preacher was baptizing
A repentant group of people.
Now that preacher grabbed that drunk
And dragged him in the water,
Dunked him down into it,
Then brought him back up.
Have you found Jesus yet?!
The preacher shouted!
The drunk answered, No!
So he dunked him down again.
Have you found Jesus yet?
He was asked when let back up,
No! The drunk man answered,
And down he went again.
Third time, asked again,
Have you found Jesus yet!?
No! The drunk man cried!
Are you sure He’s down there!?
Of course, the fact of the matter is
Jesus can be anywhere,
He walked on top of water,
He can surely be beneath it!
And I am pretty certain
That drunk had a repentant nature,
That he knew he was a sinner
And was just trying to help.
The people of concern
Are the ones who believe
There are worse sinners than them,
When sin is sin.
And we all have it,
And we all do know it,
But some are easier to hide
From the general public.
Hidden sin is deadly,
Just like all the others,
But people are not shamed for it
By their sisters and their brothers,
Especially if it is sins
They are hiding also.
I am curious to know
If Jesus likes that joke,
I do not believe it blasphemes Him,
Or I would not have told it!

Yes, child, I like that joke,
I think it is funny,
And you are right,
I could have just been down there!
The Truth of the matter is
I Am always there
When folks are getting baptized,
I pull them to the air,
And rejoice in each and every one
Who made that decision,
A public show of faith,
A brand new vision.
A little touch of darkness,
Then out into the light,
The water washes sins away,
Then they feel all-right,
Maybe for the first time in their lives.
And yes, I love the drunks,
They withstand a lot of judging
And most of them do find Me
For they always feel guilty.
They are the fools in society,
The ones others can look down on,
And the ones who do so
Are judged accordingly,
Only by Me.
Looking down on others
Is a sin in itself,
You are all equals,
And you all need My help,
Whether you believe it or not.
I Am the Only One
Who lived with no sin,
And that is why I hold
The position I Am in.
None of you have this right,
You all must repent.
If you were all stumbling drunks,
Experienced the embarrassment,
You may just find Me
Waiting for you,
Not at the bottom of a river,
But at the bottom of a bottle.
What is the most important thing
You all could ever do?
Well, that would be to find Me
Before your days on earth are through.

Your Saviour,
Jesus Christ


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