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November 7, 2020
Barbara Francis

Auto Generated Transcript

praise the lord everyone
um welcome back to godshealer7 end time
prophecy channel
um i’m sister barbara and i’m here with
lovely sister amber
now we’re going to do the vision that i
had yesterday
um yesterday i put up a big humdinger um
prophecy message
um uh i’m not exactly sure the title of
this is to the effect
that you really need to watch this right
now this could be the last video you see
um so here’s the vision that i got with
this so i was praying in the morning as
i normally do and i ask the lord if
there’s anything i need to see
or speak and then he gave me the
prophecy to speak
and before that he showed me what i
needed to see
so what he showed me i could feel the
hair standing up on my arms
he showed me two united states of
america flag standing side by side
separate one here one over there
so i thought that was really odd of
course i put that video up yesterday of
the prophecy
and my mind kept coming back to the
vision of the two flags
so i prayed about the vision of the two
and here is what i got on that
the united states of america people and
is divided a house divided cannot stand
this is the scripture that i just read
every kingdom divided against itself is
brought to desolation
and every city or house divided against
itself shall not stand
he’s giving us another warning he showed
me the united states of america the both
flags side by side
two groups of people were divided we
can’t stand our country cannot maintain
and go on being divided like it is
this is where god comes in we threw him
out of everything we threw them out of
the schools
we threw them out of our our lives we
threw them out of everything he we threw
him out of the country
you see what’s happening look around
judgment has been pronounced over the
united states of america and he’s
telling us
we’re two groups of people we’re divided
and we are not going to
continue this way no no way this doesn’t
happen that’s why it’s in the bible to
warn you
in advance so before i start going off
you start going off on a tangent you see
what’s happening
look around you see the news every day
is is not going to change we need to get
together as a group of people
and bring back god into the picture that
is the bottom line
we can’t throw him out and expect to
flourish or be happy or anything
so once again um repent and be baptized
in the name of jesus and you will
receive the gift of the holy spirit you
can read about that in the book of acts
acts 2 38
and again i want to thank everyone out
there for all the
transcriptions under the videos for all
the encouraging comments
uh for everything that you send us in
the mail thanking you for everyone
everyone that supports our ministry
financially we love all you guys
and again um we know that things are
coming up now with the kids going back
to school
which makes me nervous actually and
we’re sitting here discussing what we’re
going to do
so have a plan you don’t know what’s
going to happen with the coronavirus
make sure your children and yourself sit
down and have an emergency plan
most of all especially with all the
prophecies we’re getting with the famine
and war and everything coming have a
plan don’t be caught off guard and i
said yesterday at the end of my video
and i think it was cut off most people
didn’t see it
or hear it i said those people that got
bombed in beirut
they didn’t know it was their last day
or their last breath before that missile
hit or whatever hit
they were just coming along there the
last thing they probably expected was
it was the end for them have a plan
make sure god is in it we need him
do what you can now for your own
salvation everyone has to work out their
own salvation
so god bless you all um join us again
and we love all you guys thank you for
everything you do
be safe and be kind everyone okay


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