A Heavy Message – Ruth Johnson


A Heavy Message

September 20, 2021 1:34 PM
Ruth Johnson

This is a heavy message
This servant has to do
But it is weighing on My heart
And I must reach you.
Too many of My people
Do not know what they are up against,
The evil they are facing,
They want to watch it from the fence.
I said I Will protect you,
And I mean what I say,
And I understand your reticence
To jump both feet in the fray.
Your wolves in sheep’s clothing
Have led you astray,
They either do not know,
Or do not want to say
How severe is My Judgement Day.
They have lulled you into a false
Sense of security,
Just to call yourself a Christian
Is good enough for Me.
To go to church once a week
And you have it covered,
To play your worship music
While you perform your worldly tasks,
And if you want a blessing
Well, you just have to ask,
And when you acquire what
Your heart desires,
A good job, a new home or car,
You believe I have blessed you,
I do not want you to be poor.
And if you do not receive it
Or achieve your set goals
You think this is persecution
As the Bible foretold.
I want you to consider
My servant Moses,
I AM sure you are familiar
With the things he did.
After standing up to Pharoah,
A most powerful man,
Told him things he did not want to hear
Over and over again,
He went to Mt. Sinai
And had to speak with Me,
For forty days and forty nights
He did not eat or drink.
When he went back down,
Saw what the people had done,
He came back up the mountain
To talk Me out of killing them.
This time he laid flat on his face
Another forty nights and days
Pleading for My people
Who had so quickly gone astray.
This is just a fraction
Of what this man accomplished
When he worked for Me.
He was the greatest man alive
Due to his humility.
I was working with him
Or he could not do what he did,
But he did it, I let My people live.
He made one mistake,
He lost his temper at Meribah
When I brought water from the stone,
He indicated it was him.
When they all arrived
At My Promised Land
I did not allow him to go in.
Now, why AM I telling you this?
Well, do you say, that was Moses,
Who is not me?
And I ask you,
Did Moses have it easy?
All he had to think about
Was worldly blessings from Me?
Moses came to Heaven,
And here is his reward,
He did not expect it while on earth
For he knew how badly
Humans erred,
That they did not deserve
A chance to stay alive,
But he pleaded for them anyway,
And many did survive.
But a huge multitude died
In rebellion against Me.
I want you all to see
You do not run the show.
I want you all to know
You owe Me.
When I ask You to work for Me
To further My Cause,
One that benefits you in the end,
And you simply pause
And show me you are busy
Working on your own goals,
And only want Me to help you,
Well, that is not how My Story goes.
When you read My Word
I want you to note
What My servants did
In the Books they wrote
According to My Will
To let you all know
It is no picnic to work for Me,
No exciting concert,
Sitting in a grand church
In clean and spacious pews
And listen to a sermon
Your minister did choose.
My True servants
Got down and dirty,
Spent a lot of time prostrate
Begging for forgiveness
For My people who are ingrates.
So please consider this,
Would you fast for eighty days and nights
To save an errant nation?
Are you so great at being humble
You forsake all temptation
This world has to offer
And strictly work for Me?
With your goal to gain a place
In My Kingdom for eternity?
Or do you believe it will just happen,
For you believe in Me?
That is all it takes,
You do not have to work for Me?
And do you think I do not talk to you,
You only pray to Me?
A one way street?
Then how did all those Bible writers
Know what to write down
In the words following the phrase,
Thus saith the Lord?

Your Concerned Father in Heaven

Scripture references,
The Bible





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