A Heart Like Mine – Ruth Johnson

A Heart Like Mine

August 18, 2021 8:54 PM
Ruth Johnson

A Heart Like Mine

Do you have a heart like Mine?
One that is always breaking?
Do you give, then give it all,
For they are always taking?
Do you cry to your Father
In the middle of the night
For there is no one else to talk to,
Everyone is sleeping?
When you offer a helping hand
Is it held, then forsaken?
When you want to see your friends
Are they all busy?
When you call up your brother,
Ask him, do you miss me?
Does he say I’ve gotta go,
My family needs me?
Is your sister on a trip?
Are your children not around?
Do you want to look up to the sky
But are feeling way too down?
Do you long for the warm sunshine,
But your eyes are pouring rain?
Well, you may just have a heart like Mine,
Feeling every stabbing pain.
Do you know answers to questions
No one asks you?
Do you pray your brains out
Night and day?
Do you do all you can to reach them
And they do not want to hear
A word you say?
Do they laugh at you
Behind your back?
Or to your face
Do they attack
Your self respect?
Do they neglect
To even be polite?
Yes, please? No, thank you?
What do you do?
Pray some more for them,
They know not what they do?
Is this you?
This is Me.
I believe we have the basis
For an everlasting friendship.
Take My hand and understand
I Will never forsake you.
If you need someone to talk to,
I Will always hear.
If you need protection,
I Am always near.
A friend for life
Is what you will have
If you are a friend of Mine.
You will never be alone,
You will always have a home,
A place to rest your head
And ease your troubled mind.
There is no better time
To gain a Best Forever Friend.
I Am dropping you a line,
Give Me a call,
If you have a heart like Mine.

Jesus Christ

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