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A Harbinger Of Things To Come – Rosemary Gorman

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A Harbinger Of Things To Come

April 8, 2024 10:30 AM
Rosemary Gorman


On Friday April 5 in the morning, I was watching a video on YouTube by Pastor Jim Staley about the April 8 eclipse and it’s biblical implications. It was in the segment about scriptural links between eclipses and earthquakes.

Suddenly my chair began to move as if someone was behind me rocking it back and forth. I got up and saw the door window blind shake. I lived in California so I know the feeling of earthquakes. Was that an earthquake? In uncommon NY? Nah.

Then I saw on the news about the 4.8 quake in Lebanon, NJ. I live just north of Albany, NY. What are the odds that I was watching a video about the 4/8 eclipse and linked earthquakes when I experience a 4.8 earthquake myself!

Truly a confirmation to me and a harbinger of things to come. My interpretation: where I am seated, don’t be shaken or “blind” to things at the door. I felt the fear of the Lord, that He is real and that His judgements are indeed coming.

Thank you for your ministry. Blessings and favor.

Rosemary Gorman

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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