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A GREAT SHIFT – Tracy Lee King

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July 2, 2022 6:13 PM
Tracy Lee King

WORD received June 26, 2022, 3:06am

“Look at the time.

There’s a shift in the earth – its crust. A movement. A shaking. Coming up from calm waters, turbulence. Turmoil. A great shift.

I need to be heard.

A light in the darkness. For darkness will fall. There will be no escape. A window of grace slammed shut.

Obstinate children. Why have you forsaken me? Your first love? I died for you. Shed My Blood on the cross and yet you discard My sacrifice, trading it in for mere earthly pleasures.

Oh, how I long to hear your sorrow for causing me pain. I hear nothing. You have turned your back. Walked away. Please return. Return to me. Come to a place of safety and shelter. I want no harm for you, My children. Let me whisk you away to My chamber. Let me be the light in the darkness. I want none to perish but come to the Love of My Father, for forgiveness and pure Love.

The urgency is now great. I offer respite and restoration now, but soon there will be none to be found. I offer eternal life in Me, Your King. Be My Bride. Offer up yourself as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God. I take your sin and replace it with joy everlasting. Rejoice in Me. Be glad! Lift up your head for redemption. Gather round. Fill your lamp. Honour My Word. My Promise stand as a light in the darkness. It will be dark very soon. Foreboding darkness. A shadow. Terror. Lift up your hands to me now. Cry. Your lampstand trembles at My feet; I will remove those who do not listen and heed My warnings. You will be left to face grief beyond measure.

Chariots of fire. Tumultuous rage comes quickly. Red hot fire of My Wrath poured out on a selfish, indignant nation. It will not be quenched until the prophecies are fulfilled.

Come to My Bosom. I love you and I will keep you safe. Come. Come now.

There is very little time. Time is no more.

Arise. Shine forth. Take My hand, light of the world, for My Light shines through you. You are known by My enemy. They see you. They see opportunities when you are disobedient to My commands. Give no place to the one who seeks to destroy you. Repentance is key. I cannot keep you safe without repentance. My Father demands it for He is a just God. There will be no remission without repentance. Be full in His Love and draw near to Me in a repentant, heartfelt state.

There will be no tears shed in My Father’s House borne of grief for joy abounds. Come now for the door is almost closed. Offer up your sacrifices of joy and contrite heart. You will be blessed beyond measure as you shed the earthly and put on the Heavenly, never looking back.

I love you. Come and be with Me forever in My Father’s House. Come and see what we have prepared for you.

Midnight hour. Cry with your voice. Cry aloud before the Throne of Grace and Mercy. I will hear you. I will wipe away your tears. I come quickly. Beauty for ashes. Hurry to repent. No more time.

Your Jesus. Yeshua.”

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