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August 14, 2023 11:30 AM
Victoria Ang


On the night of 8/12/23 when I asked the Lord God for some encouragement I saw the double rainbow in front of my property line. That night I received a prophetic dream.

In the dream I found myself in a big hospital .I was made known I was going to work. There was an unknown person with me.(represents the church .)We were standing in front of TWO elevators. I was made known the elevator on the left was a SUPER SPEED elevator that operated very fast. And not all were allowed to use the elevator on the left. This hospital building towered very high. Like a sky scraper.The elevator on the right was going to a different area.

As I was standing in front of the elevator that was on the left side. I saw a sign that showed INTENSIVE CARE.There was no sign on the right side elevator .

I entered the elevator on the left. But the person with me could not enter the left sided elevator. And had to use the right sided elevator.

I pressed the button for top floor. … And was about to ascend very fast.The dream ended.
When I woke in the morning I had forgotten about the dream. But later that day the Lord God reminded me of the dream. As He was bringing it back to my memory more was added…. I heard the Lord say. “ OPEN HEART”!

I used to work in a open heart intensive care area for many years.

I immediately knew ,by the Spirit of revelation that what was being revealed pertained to the whole dream. And that soon a GREAT SHAKING would occur that would OPEN THE HEARTS of those whose hearts had been closed. As there would be no other place to look but up to God.


I think the last part that the Lord revealed is very clear. But the first part of the dream represents the 144,000 . That are about to ascend very fast by angels to the hidden place the Lord has for us.
The other person that was with me ( the church) was not able to go to that same area.

I used to work in other areas of Intensive care. So when the great shaking occurs. There will be urgent need for the care of those people that survived. ( Harvest work)!………..

Please stay in prayer for Gods protection and mercy for those ,whose lives will be uprooted .Like those people going through much devastation and loss in Hawaii !

Call down in the name of Jesus,the plans of those with an evil agenda. As much that is occurring is being done with manipulation of weather. Or fires intentionally started to kill and destroy innocent lives.

Call in the release of Gods angels to stand guard to protect the people from those very agendas.In the name of Jesus!

It could affect your family or friends. And even those that think it could never happen to them!…….
God bless and keep all safe! 😍❤️😘💕🙏🏻🙌🏻

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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