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A great shaking is coming to this nation – Ali Winters

Ali Winters

Thursday, September 27, 2018

America is on a collision course with JEHOVAH God. Knowing that apart from Christ, in me dwells no good thing I have chosen to post a portion of an article hoping…praying the words will speak to hearts of readers and awaken the sleeping giant. I wept as I watched portions of the speech given by Judge Kavanaugh in defense of his integrity and moral character to a government filled with hatred, greed and evil. I have sought Holy Spirit for a word that will speak to the hearts of the dwindling readers of awatchmanonthewall – to awaken those that remain. I have learned of vicious verbal attacks organist Ted Cruz and his wife as they dined, attacks by those agitators encouraged to do evil by an elected official sworn to uphold the constitution and I wonder….where is the church in all this.

WE are the church. Not the building, not the pastor not the elders….we are the church; the body of Christ. We must not, we cannot allow evil to prevail.

The Holy Spirit has spoken, we have His word. He continues to speak and just as in the times of the Kings few are listening.

The LORD would say..” Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Your nation expects blessings but I am not your God. I continue to withold judgment that you might repent and return…that revival will come to your churches and to your nation but little changes. A great shaking is coming to this nation, it is coming quickly. Fire…fire burning in your soul as you realize how far you have allowed religion and the traditions of man to take you. Great upheaval awaits My people as I begin to shake to loosen the coils that have been tightly wound around My Body….year after year after year. None will escape the fire for it will only be through the fire that purification and cleansing will come.”

David R. Barnhart writes…
“If one did not know that he was reading the history of ancient Israel in 2 Kings, he might conclude the account is a description of our own nation and church in 2018. The moral rot and idolatry of our times have an amazing similarity to the conditions described in the time of Josiah.

First and foremost, much of the church has “lost” the Book. The Bible has been forsaken in too many churches for the wisdom of man. The Word of God has been changed or reinterpreted by liberals to reflect “new insights” and to justify society’s sins.

The male prostitution described in 2 Kings was no worse than the perverted lifestyles of homosexuality, which is being endorsed by national and religious leaders across America this very hour. The sacrifice of children to Molech in Josiah’s’ time pales when compared to our own nations sacrifice of millions of children in the killing centers of the abortion clinics. The union of false religious practices that took place in the temple of the LORD in ancient Israel is no different than that which is practiced today by compromising churches and clergy who promote the New Age Movement. Eastern religions and synergistic meetings with world religions, (yoga embraced in churches across the nation). The church in America is closer to experiencing the wrath of God than we know. If revival is coming to the church, it had better come soon because time may be running out. “

ali at 5:46 PM

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