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A Great Separation – Margaret Blake


A Great Separation

June 24, 2021 8:50 PM
Margaret Blake

I just received this word from the Lord. The urgency the Lord has placed upon my heart is palpable. For days I have felt agitated and distressed and now this word has come. It is for GOD’s people.

I pray that everyone call upon the Lord in these days and end times. The fierceness of this word must not be underestimated. The Lord is not a man that He should lie; nor a man that He should repent. Please seek the Lord for yourself concerning this word. Time is short and even shorter than we think.

Margaret Blake

Every person who calls themself by My name and has willingly submitted to taking the covid vaccine has subjugated themself to their government
authorities and has denied Me. They have chosen to go the way of the world; to go the way that seems right to them even though that way leads to destruction. They have rejected the warnings from My faithful watchmen and messengers who have pleaded and cried out over and over again, warning
My people not to take the vaccine. Now shall come the harsh reality of your stubbornness and rejection of not heeding My warnings.

The road ahead for My people is now forked. A great separation is underway as even among My people a line is being drawn. Many will not understand as
they begin to see that those who have taken the vaccine are being separated from My people who have stood firm and resolved to not go the way of the world, but have chosen to trust in Me in this great time of trial.

I gave you My Word but many of you do not believe because you have no faith in Me and in My Word.

You do not know Me!

I will not be mocked.

Yes, you can repent of going your own way and submitting to taking the vaccine and not trusting in Me, and you will be forgiven, but you will not
be healed nor delivered from the effects of the vaccine IF you were warned by My watchmen and messengers and rejected their warnings.

If you willingly submitted to taking the vaccine in ignorance, having not received any warnings from My watchmen and messengers, then when you
repent and seek My forgiveness for going your own way and ask for healing, I will hear you.

I will hold to higher account all those who call themselves shepherds of My people. Everyone who calls themself a shepherd of My people and who has
encouraged or directed My people to submit to taking the vaccine will suffer the heavy and extreme consequences of misleading My people.

I will also hold to account the parents and guardians among My people who have allowed and submitted their children and those under their charge to receive the vaccine. This is a serious breach of guardianship.

There is coming upon My people a time of great weeping and wailing.

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