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Title page from Charles Davis Tillman's REVIVAL NO. 2 (1896)

A Great Revival Cometh

June 26, 2022 2:12 PM

Word received 3.5.22

Daughter the world is a different place. Evil has reared its ugly head. But I have a plan to help America. She will be used mightily to bring in the harvest as I will use other nations as well. Time as you know it is accelerating as we are in the end of days. Soon many will return to Me but many will remain to finish the task at hand.


This is the moment I have been waiting for – the moment for My bride to rise up. They will be a light unto the world as I was a light to the world. I came to bring light. I was the light of men – for darkness had taken hold of the world. Since the beginning of time I have waited for this moment to reunite Myself with My beloved, My chosen one. Arise oh church of the Most High! Arise oh sheep – for this is the hour of your salvation, this is the hour of your redemption! My Kingdom shall reign for a season and then the end cometh! Tarry ye not unto the world for this is not My Kingdom nor is it yours. I have waited for this moment to bring My bride home to Me – but there is much work to be done first.

I CALL FORTH the sinner, the magistrate, the just judge to My bidding

I CALL FORTH your elected officials – those who have played fast and hard with their power and wealth to now turn to Me

I CALL FORTH the businessmen shrewd in nature – to open the floodgates and return to Me

I CALL FORTH the sinner depraved and broken – to come home

I CALL the sheep to return to the fold

I CALL the lost to return to their shepherd

I CALL each and all by their names

Now is the day, now is the hour of redemption. A great revival cometh. As the east is far from the west so shall the people of many nations come forth into my Kingdom that I have chosen. Know ye not that I have called each one by name but few follow? Come now is the hour. Lay down your plowshares, lay down your sickles, lay down your axes. The war you wage is a spiritual and temporal one. It is not of this world. Your enemy is not flesh and bone but spirit and deception. I have known the enemy for a season on earth and have dealt with him mightily. I vanquished and I overcame to do the will of My Father who sent Me.



Here and now is the hour for the earth to return to her former glory – but she will revolt as changes will occur in and around the seasons, weather.

My time has come. It is the hour of revival. It is the hour of redemptions. The Son of Man cometh soon on the clouds of glory. Watch and do not be caught unawares – for I am returning like a thief. No man knows the day nor the hour. Many will perish in that day but many will be saved unto Me. I call you each by name. Come follow Me unto the ends of the earth. I tarry not.

Your Lord King and Savior

Yeshua HaMaschiach

Jesus the Christ the Risen Lord

The One Who Is and Who Is to come

Amen and Amen

Maranatha I come soon


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