May 9, 2020 5:24 AM
Alison Pound

Word from the Lord

The Lord spoke this word to me on
Thursday 7th May 2020


He first had me read Malachi . Chapter 4 speaks about Elijah.

Then the Lord said this:
Where are My remnant?
There are few indeed. Few who walk with the Lord your God.
These next days, there will be a further separation.
Many who remain in the churches of man will be cut off from Me because they will not open their eyes. They will not walk in My ways.
I am grieved for My people who do not walk in My ways.
So I am sending Elijah.
Many have said that this is the spirit of prophecy. That it is here already. Yet I told you that I am sending Elijah, not the spirit of prophecy.
When My Son was on the cross, the earth quaked and opened graves of long dead saints and they walked the earth again. Many forget this. They minimise My miracles. They set limits upon what I can do and have done.
Will you walk with Me although there will be a further separation?
It will not be easy.
Many will fall by the wayside at this time.
But I know My own.
Those who have been sealed.

Please take this before the Lord and ask Him about it. He wants us to know and understand these things that we might better prepare ourselves for what is ahead.
God bless
Alison Pound

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  1. David Lockett

    Agree 100% a true separation is coming, my heart is sell out to God, I pray everyday to be separate from world unto God!!

  2. Sandy

    That’s a powerful word. Does that mean the remnant will be sent as Elijah?

  3. Catherine

    Yes, the Elijah is coming to confront the false prophets, to warn believers and unbelievers before the great tribulation comes, to prepare us, to tell us, what to do. But who will listen? if he comes like the good, old prophets, many christians will not accept him. Pray for the spirit of discernment!

  4. I believe it’s the mantle of Elijah coming on the remnant and it will be a double portion, just as Elisha got a double portion from Elijah, we will do greater things than Jesus. The miracles will be mind boggling. Take it to the Lord, God bless

  5. Susan Elizabeth

    Make us to be found worthy Lord God Almighty

    Your righteousness we beg for daily

    Dan 9:7

    Dan 9:24

    Psalm 97:10

    Proverbs 8:13

    Mercy Adoni please in Your mercy grant us repentance in full.


  6. Tim

    Thank you for this excellent word, Alison, for it is very close to what I have been led to understand. I agree with what is said about Elijah – it does not refer to the spirit of prophecy. The “Spirit of Prophecy” is stated very clearly in the latter chapters of the Book of Revelation.

    Here I want to take what Alison has written and “rotate” it a little.

    First, take this statement – “When My Son was on the cross, the earth quaked and OPENED GRAVES of LONG DEAD saints and they WALKED the earth again. Many forget this. They MINIMIZE MY miracles. They SET LIMITS upon what I can do and have done.”

    Secondly, going backward in this prophecy, she heard – “So, I AM SENDING Elijah.” We know that John the Baptist WAS Elijah-to-come, but note that “am sending” refers to present, or even future tense. It IS happening, or is YET to happen (my own personal understanding is that BOTH apply).

    Now, let’s go to the Book of John, where Jesus told His disciples, “He that believeth in Me shall do the things that I do, and GREATER things SHALL he do, FOR I GO unto My Father.” In this construction, “for I go…” is an old way of saying “BECAUSE I go…” Now, combine the contents of this verse with the verse about “the dead rising up out of the graves, and many were seen walking about the city…”, and we see that these refer to the same thing. (Both happened because Jesus went to the Father).

    The question to ask is, who is the “He” of “He that believeth in me…”? Did the Lord just tell Alison, and subsequently, us??? Do not rely on the teachings of MEN (like myself), but ask the Lord for ALL THINGS. Remember, we are called to share, encourage and help, but true understanding comes only from the Lord.

    There is much more, and it is still “hidden”. Read Luke Chapter 10, ESPECIALLY Jesus’ prayer, and ask for understanding about this – it deals with the same subject.

    I pray for all.

  7. Kevin M.

    The Lord has said to others that from 2020 to 2025 many more revelations of sin will emerge from the churches. Famous pastors will commit suicide. Along with the collapsing economy and narrative control by the media, this will serve to further blacken the name of Christianity, as society seeks a scapegoat for its troubles. This is what will cause the further separation, as it becomes socially unacceptable to profess Christianity. It will become very difficult for believers to thread this needle. If you deny Christianity in public, you can continue living in social peace, If you do not, you will become a social pariah. Public persecution will become acceptable and celebrated. If you help Christians or don’t join in the persecutions, you may be accused of collaborating. It is much harder than simply putting your head in a guillotine. Of course, we can deny Christianity while practicing worship secretly, and most of us will have to make this compromise. So like Peter, we are caught in a cowardly social bind. We never know who we can trust to share faith with, as any evident faith will be denounced to the authorities. Eventually camps will be opened for the “safety” of Christians. But the general persecution by a hostile public, stirred on by the evil media, could really be terrible. The temptation to join the social hostility for ones own safety could be enormous.

  8. Alison Pound

    Hi Kevin, you have clearly been doing some thinking about what our lives might look like in the coming days. You are right, it could be really terrible. I believe it WILL be. I have personally been given just a small taste here in my small corner of the world. My mother and my father in law live in aged care facilities. We have been told that if we want to visit them from now on, we must be vaccinated (flu) and present proof of that. My grandchild must be vaccinated to go to school. When she was born, I was not allowed to visit her in hospital unless I had a whooping cough vacc. Knowing what I know about what is in vaccines and how they are being used to control the population and bring about the New World Order, I am immediately at odds with my own family who are just going along with these demands in order to continue having the life they want to have. A separation has begun for me. And the Lord has said that there will be a further separation coming. That separation will only be evident, will only happen, if we continue to choose God’s ways over the world’s ways. We are all going to need to make choices. God looks at the heart. So to say that a person can live peacably, going along with things in public and then come home and worship God in private, well I say again, God looks at the heart. No compromise.

    For those who commented on what “I am sending Elijah” means. I believe God has said what He means. He is literally sending Elijah. I do not believe He is referring to the mantle on the remnant in this instance.
    Catherine has put her finger on what Elijah is famous for – we have not seen anything like that amongst the prophets of today. And no, the Christians will not like him!
    Tim has most importantly said that we must ask the Lord for all things. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. All must go directly to Him and ask what this means for us.
    I myself know only what He has told me and must go to Him for further revelation. I do not /will not speculate on what this means. I must remain humbled before the Lord, not thinking I know anything of myself.

    May God bless you and protect you as you seek Him for the way ahead.

  9. Cindy Green

    Where is this in the bible? When My Son was on the cross, the earth quaked and OPENED GRAVES of LONG DEAD saints and they WALKED the earth again.

  10. Notanymore

    “He is literally sending Elijah.”


    “And no, the Christians will not like him!”

    Yep. They don’t like him now.

  11. Mathew

    Hello Cindy, you will find this at Matthew 27:50-53.

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