A Fragrant Invitation – Mourner

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A Fragrant Invitation

June 12, 2023 11:11 AM
“For the promise is to you, and to your children, and to all who are far away, as many as the Lord our God will call.” (Acts 2: 39)

On April 28, I had a dream about the current state of the Church. I found myself in a poorly lit theatre. Walking around, I noticed that there were small groups of people who were being led by various individuals. These people were held captive by Satan. Several doctrines of demons were being taught.

The importance of Acts 2: 39 was impressed upon me as I made my way around the theatre. Repentance is very much needed in the Church today.

As the dream ended, I saw a beautiful flower arrangement like those used for a table centerpiece in a wedding. The flowers appeared in a vision that slowly lifted up and then vanished.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb has been prepared and is waiting for us. All are invited to attend. As the day draws nearer, the Lord reminds us of the importance of keeping our robes clean and spotless.

All glory to the Lamb and the One who sits on the throne!


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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